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birthday gift from UKDr Lam Birthday Gift Registry

From Dr Lam: My friends and colleagues from Europe gave me this for my 70 birthday with tai chi poses forming 70. I would love to receive your gift too: tell me about how you empower yourself and others to improve health and wellness and send your story to me via service@tchi.org. Your gift will be published in this page. The gift of health is the best gift to me. If you do, please follow this format:

Please provide your name; state or region; your country; the approximate number of people you have helped, include an example of at least how one person’s quality of life been changed, and how you feel about that. Attach a photo if possible.and limit to 150 words or less. Very importantly, sending it to me means that you give me permission to edit if necesary, to publish online and all people in your photo must give their permision for the same. 

Happy Birthday, Paul,
Every Sunday morning from May through September we have offered free tai chi and yoga classes outside on the Clifton Plaza in Cincinnati. On the very last Sunday, a doctor from China came to the tai chi class. I told her about your autobiography and she said she too grew up during the cultural revolution. She enjoyed the tai chi class and said she was planning to read the book.

Dear Dr. Lam, I wish you the best of birthdays. I hope you realize that you have brough heath and well being to millions of us who would love to thank you in person some day.

Last spring a dear friend of mine was tragically killed when a man veered across the highway and hit him head on, both going nearly 70 MPH. Bob and I knew each other for 55 years. We refereed ice hockey together in the Colorado area and we both went on to be leaders in the ice hockey world around Denver, teaching referees, heading the various orginizations and going on to be members of the off-ice crew of officials at the NHL Colorado Avalanche.

Bob was killed on a Friday evening and I found out about it around 10:00 PM. Saturday was my scheduled weekend to become certified teaching Tai Chi for Diabetes with Bill Picket. The 60 mile trip to class early Saturday morning was fraught with worry and dread, not really the mind set for a great class.

Saturday went by very well and Sunday it was like I was with family, a family of strangers but all sharing a special spirit. I had to explain my feelings before we left on Sunday afternoon for home how great it was to be with so many great people and how their Chi had helped me through the emotional weekend. I think I got all of us crying before finishing but the drive home was with a car full of great feelings and wonderful support.

I can’t thank you enough for the introduction into this great family. I am pleased immensely to share your family and the health it has provided. Keep up the great work and good health for years to come. Happy birthday!

Tom Fletcher