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How to become an instructor of Dr Lam’s program


By: Dr Lam

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What are the Tai Chi for Health programs?

Dr Paul Lam and his team of medical and tai chi experts have created a range of programs to improve people’s health and quality of life effectively and safely. The programs are supported by medical experts and many organisations such as arthritis and diabetes foundations around the world. Studies into the effectiveness and safety of these programs is ongoing, with some of them already having been published.

The Instructional DVDs for the Tai Chi for Health programs are:

Quality assurance of the Tai Chi for Health programs

A committee of the Master Trainers, headed by Dr Paul Lam, regularly assess the quality of how these programs are delivered to users.

Becoming a certified instructor

Dr Lam and his authorised master trainers conduct certifying workshop for instructors of each of these programs. To become certified, instructors must fulfil the necessary requirements to ensure they would be able to teach the programs safely and effectively.

Suitable participants are tai chi teachers and advanced students, as well as health professionals without prior tai chi experience including:

  • Physiotherapists or physical therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Allied health professionals
  • Nurses
  • Rheumatology professionals
  • Qualified exercise instructors/leaders
  • Other health professionals

The certification process

  1. Enrol in a workshop: Find a workshop in the program you want to teach and enrol.
  2. Prepare for your workshop: You must prepare beforehand using instructional DVDs and written materials.
  3. Attend a workshop: Each workshop is a two-day, face-to-face workshop with a comprehensive curriculum that includes learning:
      • the tai chi forms
      • how to teach effectively and safely
      • how to deliver the program
      • how to deal with chronic conditions
      • how to work with older adults, and
      • the essential principles of the program.
  4. Assessment: You will be assessed on your performance of the forms and a written test.
  5. Follow Up: As a graduate, you are required to continue practice do an update class every two years. You will be supported with technical advice and continued training.

To find a workshop go to the workshops calendar


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