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A Message from Dr Paul Lam



Hello and Welcome!

Around 1974 when I graduated from medical school, my arthritis became worse. I took up Tai Chi to help me manage the condition. It has been life changing and still is for me. Tai Chi has transformed my life and enabled me to enjoy my chosen and busy lifestyle. I have seen the same impressive results with thousands of people over the years. Tai Chi rewards those who help themselves. Dr Paul Lam at the Tai Chi for Diabetes instructors' training class in Indiana USA 2006I enjoy practising Tai Chi and always have a urge to share it with others.

Around 1993, a student asked me if he could make a video of me to use as a learning tool. That started me on the road to making instructional videos, from there I started producing DVDs, wrote books on teaching and Tai Chi and have by 2015 produced many best selling titles worldwide.

Our mission is to produce useful material to empower you improve your health, quality of life and level of Tai Chi. You’ll find our instructional DVDs easy to follow, very user friendly and effective. Our team are very excited to receive numerous positive feedback through emails, letters and from many people I met around the world. Thank you very much!

The production of quality material requires a lot of time as well as a coordinated effort from different experts – my Tai Chi team, the medical and filming professionals. It is a labour of passion and love from our team. We are very proud of our work and are very happy to receive any suggestion for improvement.

Our products are available around the world with head office located at my home town – Sydney. Feel free to contact me or our office at service@taichiproductions.com for any enquiries. 

I look forward to meet with you one day in my global workshops.

Best regards,

Paul Lam

Dr. Paul Lam, Retired family physician Director, Tai Chi for Health Institute Tai Chi Productions
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