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Tai Chi for Arthritis

NB: CDC recommends the Tai Chi for Arthritis program which is exactly the same as Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention except the later has additional emphasis on fall prevention. Both programs are evidenced based to effective at preventing falls.

Update – CDC Recommends Tai Chi for Arthritis for fall prevention.PC20131

U.S. Administration for Community Living Falls Prevention Grantee Tai Chi for Arthritis Information and Guidance.

In 1997, Dr Paul Lam led a team of tai chi and medical specialists to create this program. It is easy, enjoyable and safe for people with arthritis to learn. Medical studies have shown the program to relieve pain for people with arthritis and improve their quality of lives, as well as preventing falls for the older adults.  For this reason, arthritis foundations around the world and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in America are giving it their full support.

Although especially effective for arthritis, it is a great start for beginner to improve health and wellness. The program is proven to be effective to prevent falls, that is why health departments around the world have utilized it for this purpose.

Watch an overview and comments from health professionals on the program and try out a free lesson

Read more about Tai Chi for ArthritisHow does it work?

How does it work?

Medical authorities agree that suitable exercise for people with arthritis should incorporate components that can improve muscular strength, flexibility, and fitness.

Increased muscular strength supports and protects joints, which will reduce pain.  Flexibility exercises also help to reduce pain and stiffness, thus improving mobility.  Stamina or fitness is important for overall health and proper function of your heart, lungs and muscles.

Tai Chi for Arthritis helps people with arthritis to improve all these and more. It improves balance both mentally and physically thus significantly reduces the rate of fall of the older adultls. Additional benefits include improving relaxation, vitality, posture, and immunity.

Read more on how the Tai Chi for Arthritis Program worksHow to Learn the Program

How does it work?

For people with or without arthritis, Tai Chi for Arthritis is a good way to start your journey to better health.  It is an enjoyable and safe set of forms which delivers many health benefits.


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