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Tai Chi for Osteoporosis

There are many forms of Tai Chi with significant differences between them. Tai Chi for Osteoporosis is a special program designed by Dr Paul Lam, a physician and a Tai Chi master, together with his medical and Tai Chi colleagues for people with Osteoporosis. It is easy-to-learn, safe and effective. The program includes warm-up, wind-down, special precautions and a set of 8 forms derived from Yang and Sun style Tai Chi. It helps to strength bones, improve balance and improve relaxation.

How does it work?

There are many ways that tai chi helps people with osteoporosis. An excellent study showed tai chi slowed down the loss of bone density approximately three fold. When people with osteoporosis fall they are more likely to sustain a fracture. Many studies have shown that tai chi reduces falls.

People with osteoporosis often have arthritis and loss of function due to age and weakness. Tai chi relieves pain from arthritis, improves balance and the ability to do daily activities. Tai chi helps people feel more relaxed and improves mental strength so they can cope better with their conditions.

Fall prevention

Dr Paul Lam in tai chi pose with fellow instructors Injury from falling is the major problem of the people with osteoporosis. There are several measures you can take tohelp to reduce risks of falls; tai chi is one of the most effective measures shown by medical studies to prevent falls. Once you have learnt the set, your instructor will help you to apply tai chi principles in your daily activities to prevent falls.

The Benefits

• Relieves stress and depression

• Improves concentration and memory

• Improves balance and coordination

• Builds muscular strength and stamina

• Improves posture and biomechanics

• Increases circulation, heart and lung function

• Enhances the flow of Qi

• Integrates body and mind

How to learn Tai Chi for Osteoporosis?

Learning tai chi can be a most enjoyable and rewarding experience. As you embark on your journey to learn tai chi, take the time to find the best and enjoyable way for you.

1. Join a class with a Tai Chi for Osteoporosis certified instructor. Alternatively you can use Dr Lam’s step-by-step instructional DVD Tai Chi for Osteoporosis.

2. Persevere with your practice. Give yourself time to absorb and understand the essential principles of tai chi – this will enable you to enjoy your practice, gain health benefits and progress steadily.

3. Keep an open mind to different aspects of tai chi.

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