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Tai Chi for Energy

Dr. Lam has carefully combined movements from Chen and Sun styles to produce a powerful synergy in Tai Chi for Energy. This program will improve your health and wellness, internal energy, and the ability to manage stress. This is a natural sequel of Tai Chi for Rehabilitation.

You can learn Tai Chi for Energy from Dr Lam’s DVD or you can learn with one of his certified instructors.  The Tai Chi for Energy DVD will guide you step by step through the program and it will feel like you are in one of Dr Lam’s classes.  To find out more about the DVD, read customer’s comments on the product or view the first lesson for free, please visit our store.

Once you have mastered the Tai Chi for Energy program you can progress and learn Tai Chi for Energy 2.  This program is only available on DVD.  The Tai Chi for Energy 2 DVD can be purchased from our store


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