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About Us

In 1974 Dr Paul Lam, a family physician from Sydney Australia, took up tai chi to control his arthritis. Tai chi helped him overcome his condition, it also improved every aspect of his life. Dr Lam has created a series of Tai Chi for Health programs and produced instructional materials to make tai chi easy and enjoyable to learn. Through his privately owned company, Tai Chi Productions, his team have produced many best-selling titles worldwide.

In 2013, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and National Council on Ageing recommended Dr Lams program. Many governmental departments around the world endorse them. One of the most sought after teachers, Dr Lam must be the first in history to have travelled over a million miles teaching tai chi.

There are over eight million people around the world who have enjoyed and benefited from Dr Lams Tai Chi for Health programs.

The Tai Chi for Health Institute was founded in 2010 by Dr Lam and many of his Tai Chi for Health colleagues with the purpose of empowering people to improve health and wellness through the Tai Chi for Health programs. Also to monitor the quality and standards of the training and to provide support for instructors. It is a non-profit organisation registered in Australia and governed by a democratically elected board.

Both organisations have the same purpose and naturally there is close collaboration to save resources. That does not compromise either organisations independence. Dr Lam is committed to supporting the Tai Chi for Health vision and has always personally offered significant discounts to instructors of the program through Tai Chi Productions.


To empower people to improve their health and wellness

Vision: Making Tai Chi for Health accessible to everyone for health and wellness

Who We Are:

The Institute represents all certified instructors/leaders of the Tai Chi for Health programs, it is administered by a director and a governing board consisting of master and senior trainers, instructor, participant (or student) and nominated expert/s. The Institute is a registered non-profit organization in the state of New South Wales, Australia. You can view the minutes from board meetings online


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Members of the Governing Board:

ABN: 57 939 736 232

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Know Our Instructors

What We Do​

Our primary focus is to train safe and effective instructors for the program.


Some of us at the Exploring the Depth of Tai Chi workshop in Chicago 2014

• Training effective and safe teachers of the Tai Chi for Health programs
• Developing effective programs though research and development.
• Making the world aware of tai chi as a modality which promotes health.

Scope of the mission:

1) Training effective and safe teachers:

a) Certify instructors and updates.

b) Goal #1: Establish and revise criteria for selection of instructors

c) Goal #2: Establish and revise training curriculum for new instructors

d) Goal #3: Establish and revise criteria for maintenance of instructor status

2) Develop and coordinate Senior Trainer certification programs

Dr Paul Lam with Instructors of the 13th Annual Tai Chi workshop in USA 2014

a) Goal #1: Establish and revise criteria for selection of Senior Trainers

b) Goal #2: Establish and revise training curriculum for new Senior Trainers
c) Goal #3: Establish and revise criteria for maintenance of Senior Trainers status 3) Develop and execute Master Trainer certification programs
a) Goal #1: Establish and revise criteria for selection of Master Trainers
b) Goal #2: Establish and revise training curriculum for new Master Trainers
c) Goal #3: Establish and revise criteria for maintenance of Master Trainers status
d) Training of Master Trainers

Developing effective programs through research and development:
1) Modify existing programs as needed and create new ones as the need arises.
2) Provide support to Master Trainers / Senior Trainers /instructors
3) Serve as consultant for proposed research projects

We come from different countries and all enjoy Tai Chi

4) Develop collaborative projects with universities and other research investigators
5) Provide leadership for targeted clinical research in fall prevention, arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, health challenges for kids, etc.

Making the world aware of tai chi as a modality that promotes health.

1) Collaborate with other organizations such as the Arthritis Foundation.
2) Serve as a resource for health policymakers, academics, and practitioners including journalists, teachers, youth and civic leaders.
3) Target universities, key organizations and work sites for instructor workshops
4) Obtain accreditation for CEUs for instructors taking the workshops

Providing support to the missions:
1) Keep a data base for all students utilizing the Tai Chi for Health programs
2) Keep a data base on all research in tai chi for health
3) Create a speakers bureau and PowerPoint presentations to increase knowledge of Tai Chi for Health programs and their benefits Dr Paul Lam

Dr Paul Lam

Director Dr Paul Lam, a family physician in Sydney and a tai chi teacher since 1976, is a world leader in the field of tai chi for health improvement. Dr Lam is dedicated to promoting tai chi for health and wellness. He has participated and published in peer-reviewed journals research projects relating to tai chi for health improvement .Dr Lam has composed several Tai Chi for Health programs that are supported by Foundations around the world including that of Arthritis foundations of Australia, America and UK. By 2014 over five million people around the world have learned and benefited from one of his programs. Dr Lam has written 4 books: Overcoming Arthritis, Tai Chi for Beginners and the 24 Forms, Tai Chi for Diabetes and Teaching Tai Chi Effectively.

Click here for more information about Dr Lam, or contact Dr Lam through [email protected]

Dr Lau Tang Ching (Raymond)

Dr Lau Tang Ching is working as a Consultant Rheumatologist in the National University Hospital (NUH), Singapore. He has been the head of the rheumatology division since 2009, Assistant Dean (education) of Yong Loo Ling School of Me

Dr Raymond Tang Ching Lau is a Rheumatologist and Assistant Dean of Medicine in Singapore University

dicine, and Associate CMB (education) for NUH since June 2010. He graduated in 1991 from the National University of Singapore and is a fellow of the Academy of Medicine Singapore (rheumatology) since 2001 and the Royal College of Physicians (Edinburgh) since 2004. He holds a MMedSc degree in Clinical Epidemiology (University of Newcastle, Australia), and a graduate diploma degree in acupuncture. He is the president of the Osteoporosis Society (Singapore) and the vice-chairman of the National Arthritis Foundation. As there is medical evidences that Tai Chi for Health exercises are proven to improve joint pain and function, prevent falls and osteoporosis, he is keen to promote this exercise in Singapore and the Asian region.

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Margaret Brade
Vice Chair

Margaret Brade is the CEO of Aged Concerned in Stockport UK

Margaret Brade was the first UK Senior Trainer having played a leading role is establishing Paul Lam’s Tai Chi workshops in England. She continues to instruct and to support the spread of workshops in many ways.

Margaret has a history of voluntary and community work over many years, becoming a full-time occupation in 1994 when, driven by strong values around empowering people to health, wellbeing and independence, she left her career in the private legal sector. Margaret was appointed to the position of Chief Executive of Age Concern Stockport early in 1995 and has established a respected reputation for openness, integrity and positive partnership working.

Margaret has shown great commitment and dedication to preventative activities both in her work and personal life, and particularly champions Tai Chi for Health across the many sectors she works in partnership with. Through her work she has innovated and established groundbreaking preventative non-clinical programmes earning national recognition.

Margaret has played an interested role in the development of the Institute from its beginnings. She has used her considerable knowledge skills and experience both as a lawyer and as a Chief Executive in a leading voluntary organisation to benefit the thinking and the eventual structure, principles and policy of the Institute.

Jocelyn SimpsonJocelyn Simpson Bio Photo

Jocelyn Simpson has been involved with Dr. Lam’s Tai Chi for Health programs since 2006 as a class participant, then an instructor, now a Senior Trainer and Board member, bringing a unique grassroots perspective to the Board. She strongly believes in the mission of TCHI and works to spread that mission throughout the communities within which she serves in the greater Atlanta metro area and beyond.Jocelyn serves on the Programs Committee of the Arthritis Foundation Southeast Region and works closely with the Program Director. As a member of the Board, Jocelyn hopes to contribute even more to help build the future of TCHI and preserve its heritage.Jocelyn holds a BA degree from Ohio University as a political science major with a business administration minor. She continued her post-graduate studies at Roosevelt University in Chicago and worked as a paralegal for several years before entering the health and wellness arena. back to the top

Pat Lawson
MT Representative, USA and Canada

Now a Secondary Language Arts teacher in public school in Florida, Pat started practicing martial arts over 45 years ago. After exploring Judo, Karate, and Northern style Kung Fu she finally found that tai chi chuan is where all the aspects come together. Pat started her tai chi journey in 1992, hosted a USA instructor training workshop for Dr. Lam in 1999, and has been practicing the tai chi for health programs ever since. She served terms as Secretary and later President of the Tai Chi for Health Community, a non-profit 501 C3 organization. Pat says, “The quality of my life was changed when I discovered the power of the TCA program.”
Pat teaches in Martin County and as an MT she delivers the program in many areas of the US

Winnie Lo – TreasurerTCHI Board photo Winnie

Winnie Lo, BSc, was educated at the University of Bradford, UK, and her family immigrated to Australia from Hong Kong in 1990. In 1991 her husband started his community pharmacy business. she had been helping him in running the business from then until 2012 when he sold the business.

Winnie is used to being in contact with patients of all kinds, some of them paying visits to doctors almost everyday, She feels the urge to maintain good health and be positive. So she started her tai chi lessons with Better Health Tai Chi Chuan in 2014 and become a trainee instructor in 2016. She hope that through teaching she can share her experience and the joy of doing Tai Chi with others.

Winnie is enthusiastic at servicing the community through working with non profit organisation, especially in association with the Tai Chi for Health vision.


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Brenda Hum

Master Trainer Representative of the Australia/NZ region

TCHI Board Brenda Hum
Brenda has a Bachelor of Education degree, is a retired school teacher and a volunteer with several organizations. As the South Australian Representative of the Tai Chi Association of Australia she organizes meetings and coordinates activities for members.

Her Tai Chi experience began 1978 when she attended classes run by the Chinese Association of South Australia. In the mid nineteen eighties the opportunity arose for her to teach Tai Chi and extend her Tai Chi skills. She has continued learning and teaching with a variety of teachers, schools and groups until this present day. In 2005 Rosemary Palmer introduced Brenda to Dr. Lam’s Tai Chi for Health Programs. As a Tai Chi for Arthritis Leader she taught as a volunteer at a local medical centre. She observed that this modified program allowed participants to work at their own pace, become confidence in their own abilities and build lasting friendships. During this time she assisted in workshops.

Her interest in the modified programs led her to explore more about the purpose and mission of the Tai Chi for Health Institute. In 2010 she became a Master Trainer with the Tai Chi for Health Institute.It is Brenda’s belief that the Tai Chi for Health Institute is an exciting platform for people globally to share health links, ideas, understandings and friendships.

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Helga Meyer

Senior Trainer Representative, Australia and NZ

Helga is originally from Germany. She immigrated to Aotearoa-New Zealand over 30 years ago, after having travelled the world for a number of years. Now she lives on Waiheke Island, off the coast of Auckland.

Her tai chi journey began four decades ago and she was fortunate to learn from highly accomplished teachers in several countries. She has been teaching tai chi for about 30 years. Helga found a home with Tai Chi for Health when she was contracted by the NZ Accident Compensation Corporation to teach Tai Chi for Arthritis in a falls prevention study. She became a Senior Trainer in early 2015.

Since 1983 Helga has been involved in the volunteer sector with diverse initiatives. For a number of years she served on the La Leche League New Zealand board. There she led the training department for volunteer breastfeeding counsellors. This also involved a position on the international Leader Accreditation Department Council which holds the worldwide responsibility for policy making, development and training. Nowadays she is involved at a more grassroots level.

Currently she is deputy chair of the Tai Chi for Health Community NZ board.

Most of her career has been in administrative roles, and she is employed at a local school.

Tai Chi for Health has changed her life in many ways. She feels honoured to serve on the Tai Chi for
Health Institute board, and glad if she can contribute to support its vision and mission.

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Dave Carter
Participant Member

Dave Carter and his wife Joyce moved from Leeds (UK) to Sydney after careers teaching foreign languages, in order to be near their grandchildren. This was a huge step for them to take in their mid-sixties. They discovered Tai Chi at Dr Lam’s school in Kogarah five years ago in their search for ways to maintain their health after retirement. They had tried other forms of exercise, but only Tai Chi motivated them to continue after the first enthusiasm! They soon found that Tai Chi not only supported their physical and mental health, but offered them a sense of community which is very important so far from home and loved ones. back to the top

Sarah Malia – invited expert

Sarah Malia, MS, JD, is a Tennessee elder law attorney and social scientist in the US. Sarah has practiced law for over 10 years and has extensive training and experience in elder and family law, mediation and collaborative alternative dispute resolution, and family dynamics. She graduated with honors with a BS from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville (UTK). And she received her JD in Law and MS in Family Studies from the University of Missouri-Columbia (MU). Along with maintaining a part-time solo legal practice, Sarah teaches in the Child & Family Studies Department at UTK. Soon after becoming a licensed attorney, Sarah and her mother took a tai chi class together and both fell in love with tai chi and qigong. Her father joined the fun thereafter, and now all three have taken numerous TCHI courses and became certified instructors in TCA. As an elder law attorney and higher ed instructor, Sarah believes that tai chi provides lifelong health benefits and joy for all who embrace it.

Hazel ThompsonThonpH-65

Chief Operating Officer. You can contact her at [email protected]



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