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3. Free Tai Chi Lessons from Dr Paul Lam


Welcome to my class!

Take a good look and pick the most suitable tai chi program below for you. Do watch the introduction with instructions on how to gain the best benefits from tai chi, and allow yourself time to follow my lesson and practice regularly. Beginners DVD Cover200

Watching my lesson from your couch will not do much for your health. Follow me as though you are in my class, practice regularly and you will gain health benefits and enjoyment and even feel the magic of qi (the life energy) in time. Learning the entire program would work best, go to my production website at www.taichiproductions.com for the complete programs.

Below is the list of free lessons. Enjoy! 

  1. Tai Chi for Beginners – a great start with the Six Easy Steps, almost anyone can learn this.
  2. Tai Chi for Energy  – if you prefer a more challenging and faster-paced program.
  3. Tai Chi for Arthritis  – if you prefer a gentle start, or have arthritis or other chronic conditions. This program is recommended by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (cdc.gov) for preventing falls, it is suitable for almost anyone with or without any medical condition to improve health and wellness.
  4. Tai Chi for Arthritis Part II DVD – only if you have done the complete Tai Chi for Arthritis program, try out the extra power of qi.
  5. TCE DVD CoverTai Chi for Energy II – you did well with Tai Chi for Energy, now try twice the energy!
  6. Tai Chi for Rehabilitation – the easiest and more profound program for anyone from recovering from surgery and illness to just relax and grow qi.
  7. The 24 Forms – try the world’s most popular set of forms, you will learn it more easily once you have learned Tai Chi for Beginners.
  8. The 73 Forms – if you wish to go further after practising and being familiar with Tai Chi for Arthritis I and II.

You can purchase downloadable lessons for the Tai Chi for Beginners and Arthritis programs. The instructional DVDs are designed to be user friendly, you will find it is almost like you were in my class. A DVD will give you sharper images, with a menu to navigate. Real lessons are hard to beat, you can go to the Dr Paul Lam Tai Chi for Health Institute’s website to find a class. Or come to one of Dr Lam’s workshops. Or better still use my DVD to help you with tai chi lessons.

You can also find Tai Chi books, other instructional DVDs, tai chi music and other material, all created by Dr Lam for one single purpose – to improve your health and wellness. TCA 220x120 new

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