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Guides to Prevent Injury


Dr Paul Lam
This is a simple guide to help prevent injury when learing or practicing tai chi.
  • Don’t lock the knees. Keep knees aligned over your feet but slightly bent.
  • Don’t lean backwards or forwards. Keep your back upright so that the spine is balanced over the pelvis.
  • Don’t force any movement. Move without effort as though gently swimming in the air.
  • Avoid any abrupt movements. They create tension that will put you off balance or injure the muscles.
  • Feel free to modify movements that are uncomfortable. Tai chi should be pleasant and enjoyable, not an endurance contest.
  • Include appropriate warm-up and cool-down exercises. This is a must.
  • Wear appropriate shoes that are comfortable and suitable for good balance. For people with diabetes, the correct shoes are especially vital.
  • Hydration is important. Bring your own water and drink frequently.
  • If you feel unbalanced or unstable during tai chi, seek advice from the instructor on how to correct the problem.
  • Don’t force yourself into a lower stance (squat or bent-knee) beyond your comfort zone. And stand up if you feel too much stress on your knees.

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