Julie Wylie


I have been a fan of The Slow Dance of Tai Chi since 2005, and quite accidentally (I will save that story until we meet in person) completed my Tai Chi certification in August of 2013. I never expected to teach Tai Chi classes but sure am glad I did! I have met many, many, many wonderful people while sharing what I am learning about slow, conscious movement for health and healing.

Practicing Tai Chi movements & principles in and out of the classroom initially began changing my balance, strength and stability. Continued practice, I am convinced, is conditioning my autonomic nervous system.

When you arrive in class, you will slow down, and it may even seem that time slows down. Reasons for rushing will dissolve when the music and movement start. Meditative movements begin to sooth muscles and joints almost like it is medication. Relaxation sets in and tensions melt away. It is in the relaxed internal environment that strength and balance begin to improve using Tai Chi.

At the end of class, our height fully claimed, we FLOW out into our day healthier for our time spent together focused on ourselves.

To Your Health, Julie


Phone 512-791-6597
Country United States
State / Province / Region TX
City Austin

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  • Certified Tai Chi for Arthritis Instructor
  • Certified Tai Chi for Arthritis and Falls Prevention Instructor
  • Certified Tai Chi for Arthritis 2 Instructor


Class Information

Tai Chi for Arthritis Class Series
registration for next series open now
July - Dec 2018
Tuesdays & Fridays 9am-10am


Jewish Community Center
(no membership necessary - series open to ALL participants)
7300 Hart Lane
Austin TX 78731

For more information or to sign up contact Annie (512) 735-8088


Participants must pre-register and are asked to commit to at least one class per week for 12 consecutive weeks (if possible). This program is offered through Senior Adult Services at the JCC and is open to everybody, no membership required. The program cost is $25 per month or $65 for 3 months. For more information or to sign up contact Annie (512) 735-8088

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