1. How to Learn Tai Chi?

I am glad you would like to learn tai chi. It is going to be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding activities for you. Start with asking yourself why you want to learn tai chi? If you wish to improve your health, be more relaxed, or to help manage a medical condition, then any of my Tai Chi for Health programs would work for you. They are based on over 40 years of my experience in tai chi and medicine, designed by our team of experts to assist you to achieve all these in an easy and enjoyable way. Millions of people around the world have enjoyed learning one of my programs, and gained better health and quality of life as a result. All programs are easy-to-learn and proven by medical studies to improve health and wellness. Click here to follow my three steps to learn a Tai Chi for Health program.group with certificates

The next step is to find a good teacher. The right instructor can make tai chi easier and more fun to learn. Our Tai Chi for Health Institute board certified instructors are trained to do that. You can search online for an instructor near you. Other organizations like Arthritis Foundation and Age Concern list tai chi instructors in their website. Once you have found an instructor, try to talk to the teacher, or visit his or her class, find out if the teacher understands how to help achieve your objective. If possible watch a class, talk to participants to find out if this class is right for you.

To find the most suitable program for you please see my video Which Tai Chi Program will Suit Me?

Once you start your tai chi lesson, learn one lesson or part of it, and practice that until you are familiar with this before you go to the next lesson. Find a regular time preferably daily to practice. Do persevere with your lesson and practice. Tai chi is very different from most exercises we are used to. Where the stronger the faster the better, in tai chi we move in gentle curve, and emphasize on building inner strength and energy. Allow yourself time to get used to the feel of tai chi, soon you will enjoy the movement and gain the benefits from this wonderful exercise.

Tai chi is created based on the law of nature. Slowness and softness is part of nature like yin and yang; we don’t have enough of these in the modern fast-paced world. Your body and mind need both slowness and fastness in good balance for better health and harmony.

Continue to practice regularly, reach out to tai chi enthusiasts around you and practice with them. If you have not done that yet, find a teacher who resonates with you. I conduct tai chi workshops around the world, hope you can join me there. Enjoy your journey to health and wellness.group all

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