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Tai Chi for Fall Prevention study 2005


By: Dr Paul LamSummary of a published article:

"The Effects of Sun-Style Tai Chi Exercise on Physical Fitness and Fall Prevention in Fall-Prone Adults"
Published in the journal of Advanced Nursing 51(2), 150-157
by Dr Choi J.H., Moon J.S. and Song R. (2005)
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"As people get older they are more likely to experience falls and this can lead to some very serious health issues…Our study shows that low-intensity exercise such as Tai Chi has great potential for health promotion as it can help older people to avoid falls by developing their balance, muscle strength and confidence." says co-author Professor Rhayun Song (who is also a master trainer of the Tai Chi for Arthritis program) from the Chung Nam National University in South Korea.

A total of 68 older adults with a mean age of 77.8 year olds participated in the study. This group was divided into 29 people in the tai chi group and 30 as control. The tai chi program was the Tai Chi for Arthritis program based on Sun style. It was provided 3 times a week for 12 weeks and the subjects were tested before and after the three months for strength of the knee and ankle, flexibility and mobility, and the risk ratio of falls. The tai chi group reported significantly more confidence in falls avoidance than did the control group. It was concluded that this tai chi program can safely improve physical strength and reduce fall risk in fall-prone older adults in residential care facilities.

The study has attracted attention from the media worldwide including Fox News, Hindustan Times of India, Medical News Today of UK, and United Press. You can read more reports about it at:
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