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IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR US MTS: USA Workshop Manager Becky Rahe will process your order.  The system only lets her know that a payment has been made, but does not give details.  In order to avoid delay, once you have paid for your certificates please contact Becky giving her a clear list of how many certificates you have ordered, plus what type of workshop they are for.

Please note that you can only order the TCAFP certificates if you have a current KEA for FP in place.  

Postage has now been added to the cost of the certificates, so you do not need to pay it separately.


When ordering your certificates please choose carefully.     


In the MTMP area you can find and download the Attendance certificates.  Please ensure you match the quality of the paper used and the printing to the existing instructor certificates.

If you do not yet have access to the new MT area, please contact manager@tchi.org


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