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Tai Chi for Health Professionals 

Taking care of your patients or clients can be stressful and drain your energy. People complain to you all the time – just like me with my forty years’ work as a general practitioner; whilst I felt fulfillment from helping people, it was draining.

Teaching tai chi can be a very effective form of therapy, and is evidence based. If you chose the right program and teach your group the right way you will get good results, happier patients and, just as importantly, it will revitalise you and make you healthier. You will understand your patients from a different perspective.  Many doctors and general practitioners refer their patients to tai chi classes, why not have your own class?

I have been practising tai chi for over 40 years to help me manage my arthritis, and it certainly has transformed my health. When I started sharing with others I discovered the importance of the right method of teaching, and also the importance of modernised tai chi, especially for therapeutic purposes. I have been working with teams of health professionals to create a series of Tai Chi for Health programs, and over thirty published medical studies have shown the efficacy, safety and good retention rates for these programs.

If you would like to know more, here’s the website www.onlinetaichilessons.com where you can see my video answers to What is Tai Chi?, How Does Tai Chi Work? and What are the Benefits?  You can also go to the Tai Chi for Health Institute’s website to find free trial lessons and an introduction to the Tai Chi for Arthritis and Falls Prevention program, the program which was recommended by the CDC and is used by Health Departments throughout Australia.

If you already know all this, and you would like to be an instructor or learn just for your own benefit then you are more than welcome to join my workshop or our classes. We have Master Trainers throughout Australia and the world, some are health professionals, but all of them are well prepared to equip participants to be safe and effective instructors. 

Being a health professional will be an advantage for you to learn this program. If you haven’t done tai chi before, then you will need to spend some time and prepare with my easy to learn materials and tai chi lessons and then you will come to a two day face to face workshop.  All health professions will be awarded a teaching certificate if they meet the requirements. After the training you will be required to be Board Certified, or licensed, to teach this program. There is a $25 annual fee, and in return you will be able to access support materials. 

Tai Chi for Arthritis has been taught all over the world to over ten million people. We now have approximately 70 Master Trainers who train instructors and around 100 Senior Trainers who assist Master Trainers and conduct skill development workshops.  We have trained over 40,000 instructors.

The Tai Chi for Health Institute is a non-profit organisation registered in Australia. Its purpose is to maintain quality and facilitate training for the Tai Chi for Health programs.  

I hope you can join us at some stage. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at service@tchi.org or call us at +61 2 9533 6511 (Sydney, Australia).

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