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Update or Re-certification


Update or Re-certification
By: Dr Paul Lam
Why should I update my Tai Chi for Health instructor certificate?MT and ST training in Solothurn220
Regular updating is the only way to maintain the quality of our program. Almost all qualification require update including my medical qualification. Not only family physician in Australia are required to be accredited regularly in order to maintain the physician's qualification, their medical practice must be accredited as well.
Another advantage of the Tai Chi for Health update workshop is that you will also learn new knowledge, improve tai chi skill and network with your peers.
How to update?
You are required to continue to practice tai chi and teach the program as a form of continual growth. Your certification will be valid for two years, at the end of the two years, you can attend an update workshop either physically or by correspondence (for people with exceptional circumstances only). If you have multiple Tai Chi for Health certificates you can update all within a specially designed one day workshop. Your master trainer and Dr Lam will provide continual support with technical advice and other optinal training. Available update workshops are listed on this website under workshop calendar. 
The cost of an update workshop either face to face or by correspondence is approximately half of the certifying workshop.Jan nl 3
If you are not able to attend a face to face one day update workshop and wish to do the correspondence update, please contact the Master Trainer who have certified you with:
  • Date and location of your last workshop or a copy of your certificate
  • The reason why you cannot attend an update workshop
Alternatively, you can send the information above to Dr Paul Lam plus the reason why you are not approaching the master trainer who has certified you.
Your Master Trainer will send you a list of assignments. Complete your assignments within 6 months from the date you receive the list – and send back the assignments together with the fees to the Master Trainer.
Once your work has met the course requirements, an update certificate will be issued to you within one month. In the unlikely event that your work has not met the requirements, your Master Trainer will help you improve it and ask you to resubmit it. You can resubmit your work an additional two times. If after the third attempt you have not met the requirements necessary to pass the course, you will need to retake the certification training from the beginning and pay all associated fees.TCE2 Template Paul 2
The instructional DVD and the book “Teaching Tai Chi Effectively” by Dr Paul Lam, are required references for the update. You can purchase them through your master trainer or Tai Chi Productions online.

Is there a Appeal Panel?
Yes, there is an appeal panel should there be any complaint with this process. The fees for appeal are half of the course fees. If you are found to be unreasonably treated, your fees will be fully refunded. The appeal panel consists of Dr Paul Lam and four other master trainers: Dr Pamela Kircher, Professor Rhayun Song, Mrs Patricia Webber and Mrs Elva Arthy. Please contact Dr Lam through service@taichiproductions.com if you would like more information.

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