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What is a Senior Trainer (ST)?


What is a ST and How to Become One?

A Senior Trainer (ST) is a individual who conducts regional instructor practice sessions, assists and works with Master Trainers (MTs) in all matters relating to Tai Chi for Health programs, maintains communications with a group of instructors and continues to upgrade the skills of the those instructors. 

What are the requirements to become a Senior Trainer (ST)? 
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  • Have organized at least one Tai Chi for Health workshop
  • Know Tai Chi for Arthritis Part 1 and Part 2 well and have current certification for Part 1 and have attended a Part 2
  • Be currently Board Certified
  • Know the Sun Style 73 form at a high level
  • Being an instructor of Tai Chi for Health programs
  • Must have attended Dr Lam’s Depth of Tai Chi for Arthritis workshop at least once
  • Be prepared to assist MTs in organizing and/or conducting workshops
  • Be available to help instructors to upgrade their skills at regular intervals, preferably on a three monthly basis. The fee for participants is to be decided by ST and the nominating MT.
  • Have good communication and teaching skills
  • Have a willingness and compassion to promote Tai Chi for Health programs to improve people’s health and quality of life.
  • Be nominated by a MT and seconded by another
  • Be approved by at least 50% of the MTs in the same country and Dr Paul Lam
  • Have a current first aid certification or equivalent


How to become a ST?

  • ST is by invitation only. If an MT believes that you have met the requirements and is in a position to work with you, they can nominate you.
  • The nominating MT should find another MT to second the proposal, notify all MTs in the same country to obtain approval from at least 50% of them and send the information to Dr Lam for final approval.
  • Once approved, the nominating MT will work with the ST on training required with the objective of enabling ST to conduct the duties listed below confidently. The time and contents are to be decided between the nominating MT and ST. The ST is qualified at the conclusion of this training.


Responsibilities of STs:

  • Arrange and conduct regional gatherings to upgrade skills for instructors.
  • Assist MTs and contribute to the Tai Chi for Health programs to the best of their ability and availability.
  • Have regular training with the nominating MT at suitable intervals (to be determined between ST and nominating MT).
  • The tenure for an ST is related to his or her nominating MT.  During that period they will be updated and mentored by their nominating MT.  However the ST must be currently qualified in the required Tai Chi for Health forms and abide by  the rules and ethical code. If the nominating MT is no longer available or suitable, The ST may apply to the Director, Dr Lam for a change of MT.
Benefits of STs:
  • Able to contribute more to the programs
  • Be recognized as a significant contributor to the Tai Chi for Health program/s.
  • Have an opportunity to train with the nominating MT and possibly other MTs and Dr Lam.
  • Entitled to 20% tuition fee only discount at Dr Lam’s workshops.
  • The experience gained from having been a ST will provide a good foundation for those wishing to be eventually considered for MT.


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