Annual USA Pre-conference and Week Long Workshop June 2017

When and Where

Date 10th - 17th Jun, 2017
Address United States



Pre-conAt the preconference workshop June 2016ference and weeklong workshops. To register: online booking site

Pre-conference: Beyond Tai Chi for Rehabilitation - June 10th -11th  (scoll down for the weeklong workshop).
- Learn the exclusive new movements personally from Dr Lam

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IntroductiAt the Preconference workshop June 2016on to the Pre-conference Workshop

Beyond Tai Chi for Rehabilitation - plus exclusive new movements in this workshop only

Even first timers can participate in this workshop. Dr Lam will personally teach this easy to learn program. He will go beyond the depth and share his knowledge of integrating western and eastern medicine, positive psychology and personal development. This program is not just for rehabilitation but also regeneration.

Tai Chi for Rehabilitation is a unique combination of Yang, Sun and Chen tai chi styles. Dr Lam will work on the power of the synergy between all three, as well as teaching new mAt the preconference workshop June 2016ovements to enhance the depth.

Almost anyone can learn this program relatively quickly. It can be done, lying, sitting or standing, and will develop your knowledge and inner power of tai chi. 

Reason to come to the Pre-conference Workshop

  • Be the first to study the Depth of Tai Chi for Rehabilitation and new movements personally with Dr Lam
  • Enhance your tai chi with positive psychology and personal development
  • Deepen your understanding of tai chi principles that apply to all tai chi
  • An ideal program to aid recovery from surgery, illness, or stress, and to move to a new level of health and wellness.Dr Lam with Cynthia Delcourt one of the participants of the preconference workshop
  • To learn how to encourage and empower even the most debilitated learner
  • A useful tool for physical and occupational therapists for their clients

Who Will Benefit?

  • Anyone from beginners to experienced tai chi teachers will benefit from working with Dr Lam at this unique workshop. You can use it to improve health and wellness, acquire a good foundation in tai chi, and teach it to others.
  • Tai Chi for Rehabilitation is the first part of the trilogy, and is followed by Tai Chi for Energy and Tai Chi for Energy 2. This workshop is the key to integrating all three.
  • TCR is gentle and suitable for all ages and abilities and the new moves will enhance your understanding of spiral force. 

PreparationAt the preconference workshop June 2016

Work with the Tai Chi for Rehabilitation DVD as much as possible, and you will gain the maximum benefits and enjoyment from this workshop. 


This workshop will be, with prior notice, an update At the preconference workshop June 2016for the Tai Chi for Rehabilitation program. (Written assignment required and admin fee applies.)

Special Discounts:

Enrol in both this and the week-long workshop and receive a 15% discount on both, paid participants will receive 20% discount on Dr Lam's DVDs. Click here for the cost of the workshop.


The 35 Annual Week-long Workshop

- June 12th -17th
- Learn or enhance your tai chi in an interactive, positive setting.

click the topic below:Welcome to Dr Lam's 34th annual tai chi workshop


You can book at Dr Lam's booking site

Introduction to Dr Lam's workshop is friendly interactive and rewardingthe 35th Annual Tai Chi Workshop 
Asheville, NC USA. June 2017

Presented by Dr Paul Lam and Tai Chi for Health Community

Learn or enhance your tai chi in an interactive, positive setting. Enjoy the great classes, fun activities and a chance to win the all inclusive package!.

It will be an ideal opportunity to revitalize your tai chi, network with friends from many countries and enjoy developing your tai chi in one of the individualized classes with experienced instructors.

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From Dr Paul Lam

2016 was one of the very best workshops, with great energy and positive spirit. Bravo to all! Medical studies show socializing with people, especially positive people, improves your immunity and health. This is even more true in tai chi; interacting with fellow enthusiasts will improve your tai chi and health immeasurably. Every year people tell me how much they have improved their tai chi and how much happier and more energized they are. At our 34th (15th in USA) annual tai chi workshop, we are facing the happy challenge to outdo 2016.

Do come to the pre-conference workshop as well. We have worked hard to keep the fees of both workshops the same as 2016.

Thanks to the generous contributions from last year's participants, the Tai Chi for Health Community is offering many scholarships.  Please visit for more informationErnie at the June 2016 annual workshop

Our team is looking forward to welcoming you!  Feel free to contact me through my USA Workshop Manager at

From the President of TCHC, Ernie Hall
Tai Chi for Health Community is honored to co-sponsor Dr. Lam's annual USA workshops, June 2017 marking 15 years. Those attending for the first time are in for a wonderful experience, sharing with other tai chi practitioners who return each summer to join friends practicing and improving skills, and learning new forms from expert instructors in a wide variety of courses. The busy week is filled with inspirational talks, beautiful demonstrations, evening seminars, and fun social activities. Anticipate and plan on something very special in North Carolina!

Reasons to comeYear after year people come back to the workshops and some traveled thousands of miles

  • Join Dr Paul Lam and his colleagues for a week of great tai chi

  • Learn and/or develop your tai chi in an ideal environment with other tai chi enthusiasts from around the world!

  • Enjoy the interactive friendly environment ideal for developing tai chi

  • Share positive energy

  • Learn with people with similar standards in individualised class with experienced instructors

  • Enjoy the camaraderie, renew friendship and meet new friends 

  • Participate in our new and exciting program 

  • Join Dr Paul Lam and colleagues - you will able to work with and share idea with Dr Lam and many tai chi practitioners from varying backgrounds and trainings.

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Over 250 participants of the weeklong workshop in Cincinnati, USA June 2016About the Workshop

Tai chi is one of the greatest tools to improve your life. Whatever your goal, tai chi can help you achieve it. 20 years ago, Dr Lam's team held the first annual tai chi workshop in Sydney, to be followed by the USA. Instructors work with small groups using Dr Lam's interactive learner-friendly teaching method. Many participants travel thousands of miles for these unique and life-changing workshops every year! 

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The Instructors:We have a wonderful team of caring and skillful instructors

Dr Paul Lam is a world leader in the field of tai chi for health improvement. He has left family practice to focus on preventive medicine. Dr Lam has been teaching tai chi for 40 years and has trained thousands of tai chi instructors. His Tai Chi for Health programs are supported by organizations and government bodies around the world including the Arthritis Foundation, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (, and the National Council on Aging (

Other experienced instructors include Mark Coffindaffer, Ralph Dehner, Debra Dunn-Yonke, Linda Ebeling, Ileina Ferrier, Dan Jones, Pat Lawson, Robin Malby, Cathi Knauf, Lorraine Noval, Julie Oberhaus, Bill Pickett, Nuala Perrin, Becky Rahe, Betty Scanlon, Jim Starshak, Mearl Thompson and Sandi Wicher.

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The CLASSESThe Tai Chi for Energy class June 2016

Choose one class only.

* - Easy-to-learn, suits beginners and instructor's training

** - To enhance your skill for participants with one year's tai chi experience.

***- To reach new height for an advanced practitioner.

****- To be challenged for an advanced practitioner.

1.  Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention Instructor Training Course*The 24 Forms Class June 2016

Beginners without prior tai chi experience are welcome to join for better health and wellness. You will learn the Tai Chi for Arthritis program, Part 1 and 2, and the special module for fall prevention. With prior preparation and appropriate qualification you will be certified to teach the program. Supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (, National Council on Aging ( and arthritis organisations worldwide, the programs are proven to reduce pain, prevent falls and improve balance, health and wellness.

2.   Tai Chi for Diabetes and Tai Chi for Osteoporosis Instructor Training Course *

Beginners without prior tai chi experience are welcome to join for better health and wellness. You will learn two complementary and yet different sets of forms based on Sun and Yang styles. The former is shown to improve diabetes control and the latter is designed to improve bone strength, balance and to prevent falls. With prior preparation and appropriate qualification you can be certified to teach the programs.

3.  The 24 Forms**The Exploring the Depth of 24 Forms Class

People of almost any level of physical fitness and age can learn the world's most popular tai chi set. Based on the Yang style, it is gentle and graceful. Learning this set will give you a solid foundation to expand your skill.

4. Exploring the Depth of the 24 Forms**

Pre-requisite: Be familiar with the 24 Forms.

Working with essential tai chi principles, we explore the deeper meanings and internal aspects of taiThe Combined 42 Forms Class June 2016 chi to enhance your progress.

5. The Combined 42 Forms***

Containing the characteristics of Yang, Chen, Wu and Sun styles, it is well-balanced, complex and enjoyable It is an ideal next set after the 24 Forms.

6. Introduction to Sun Style 73 Forms**

Pre-requisite: Know Tai Chi for Arthritis and Part II.

Sun style tai chi contains unique and powerful Qigong ideal for self-growth and healing. It is a relatively easy to learn style and has great depth to be explored for a lifetime.

7. Enhancing Sun Style 73 Forms**The Sun Style 73 Forms Class June 2016

Pre-requisite: Know the 73 Forms.

Extend your knowledge, learn to apply the tai chi principles and improve your forms. Explore the depth and internal aspects of Sun style.

8. Exploring the Depth of Sun Style 73 Forms***

Pre-requisite: Know the 73 Forms very well.

Explore the conceptual depth and energy of tai chi. Sink deeper into your practice with skills for mindful integration of mind and body.The Enhancing Sun Style 73 Forms Class June 2016

9. Tai Chi Fan *** Newly Refined Moving Stillness Forms

With more focus on connecting, flowing and directing of nature's spiral force through the fan, it combines both the moving meditation and energy of the Dragon!

10. The 32 Sword Forms***

The sword is a beautiful extension of the essential principles of tai chi. This set is composed to complement the 24 Forms.

11. Push Hands ***The 32 Sword Class

Learn how to listen and interpret energy; yielding and neutralizing incoming force through push hands. It will improve your level and understanding of tai chi.

12. Chen Style 36 Forms ****

Characterized by softness and hardness complementing each other, fastness and slowness intermixed, Chen style is more vigorous and powered by a sophisticated spiral force (chan suu jin), ideal to expand skill for advanced practitioners.The Chen Style 36 Forms Class June 2016

13. Exploring the Depth of 36 Forms****

Pre-requisite: know the 36 Forms.

Explore the inner principles to improve your depth and skill of the Chen style tai chi and to expand skill for advanced practitioners.

14. Silk Reeling Exercises ****

Tai Chi Silk Reeling exercises are repetitive spiral movements used to train all the major joints in the body to work together. This enables the body to move as one unit led by the Dan Tian, moving spiral force for health, body alignment and martial development.The Chen Style 36 Forms Class June 2016

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1.  Update for Tai Chi for Health programs

Update for Tai Chi for Health programs. Available only for workshop participants, apply with your registration and have assignment done prior. Or you can settle in this beautiful retreat, make new friends and prepare for an exhilarating week.   Tuesday night: Talent show by TCHC


1.  6:30 pm: Annual Meeting of the Tai Chi for Health Community - an open invitation for everyone.

2.  7:30 - 9.00 pm: The talent show. Get ready for fun skits and the unique talents of our tai chi friends.  


  • Understanding intention in Push Hands - Explore the idea of issuing energy (fa jin), with caution and safety, incorporating Yang style ward off, roll back, press and push.
  • Introduction to Fan - Try some hands-on practice with a fan, from basic to using the dantian to open and close the fan.  Fans will be available.
  • Wu Ji Qigong - Characterized by slow, gentle, circular movements, emphasizing on awareness of internal energy. 
  • Face reading -  have a fun time with Ralph learning this ancient artSocial dinner sponsored by the TCHC

FRIDAY: - Enjoy a night of fun, specially catered dinner and dancing! It is a great time to get together. All Welcome.

SATURDAY - Practice, demos, certificates, pictures and CHECK OUT

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From participants at the 2016 Workshop:

Inspiration!  I Love all of the instructors and the different personalities and gifts they all bring to share with others - Darci Alexander, CAThe annual workshop is much much more than great tai chi classes

Supportive learning atmosphere – range of diversity of community, profound desire to nurture our best selves.  Building skills with authentic sources of tai chi - Joan Clarahan, MI

The phrase that keeps coming to mind is "relentless positivity" - your relentless certainty that we would learn the form. Your skill as a teacher taught me more than I thought I could learn in so short a time - Kate McKee, NY


YMCA Blue Ridge AssemblyThe beautiful Blue Ridge Assembly

The majestic scenery at the Assembly is breath taking. Located in the Black Mountain Range of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the Southern Appalachian, it is a retreat and conference destination just outside of Asheville, NC. Groups and families are welcome to come together to build relationships, learn, discover the beauty of the natural setting, and grow spiritually and mentally.

Getting to YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly is convenient and easy. It is located in the heart of Western North Carolina- just 2 miles off Interstate 40, approximately fifteen miles east of Asheville. Please go to its website for detailed directions.An ideal venue for tai chi


  • Weekend conference Check in for all inclusive will be Friday, June 9, 2017 2pm-5pm
  • Weekend conference Check in for commuter (those staying off campus) Saturday, June 10, 2017 8:00 am
  • Weekend only conference Check out for all inclusive will be Sunday, June 11, 2017  5pm-6pm 
  • Week long conference Check in for all inclusive will be Sunday afternoon, June 11, 2017 2pm-5pm 
  • Week long Only conference Check in for Commuter (those staying off campus) Monday, June 12, 2017 8am
  • Week long conference Check out for all inclusive will be Saturday, June 17, 2017 8am -10am



Closing date:  30 April 2017, late fees apply

Cancellation fee:  $65 before 31 March 2017

$95 before 30 April 2017

No refunds after 30 April 2017

Cost and DiscountA happy tai chi family Linda in Green and Becky behind her on her right

Standard cost/TCHC or TCHI member cost



Fees: USD$

before 1st March



Fees after 1st March


Beyond Tai Chi for Rehabilitation

All inclusive package



Commuter package



Accommodation and meals only



All inclusive package



Commuter package



Accommodation and meals only


Evening activities

Seminar  $40 each activity 

Social dinner  $40


Program/s: $40 each

Both workshops - 15% discount on both workshops

All inclusive package

No other discount apply here



after 1st of March

Supplementary payment per person per night

Deluxe room share

$20 x number of nights

Standard room single

$30 x number of nights

Deluxe room single

$ 50 x number of nights

Grand Total $


Special Discounts:To some the annual workshop is a life changing experience

Enroll in both this and the week-long workshop and receive a 15% discount on both, paid participants will receive 20% discount on Dr Lam’s DVDs.

Notes and Rules:

  • 10% discount for members of either TCHI or TCHC, join and qualify for the discount immediately, only one to be applied

  • Pre-conference: all inclusive package includes tuition fees, shared accommodation for Friday and Saturday night, meals from Friday dinner to Sunday lunch, morning and afternoon tea and facility fees.

  • The commuter package includes tuition fees, lunch both days and dinner on Saturday, morning and afternoon tea and facility fees

  • Week-long: all inclusive package includes tuition fees, shared accommodation for 6 nights, meals from Sunday dinner through to Saturday lunch, morning and afternoon tea and facility fees.

  • The commuter package includes tuition fees, lunches and dinners from Monday to Saturday, morning and afternoon tea and facility fees.

  • Updates for week-long workshop participant only: $40 per program, to a maximum of $200. Written assignment to be submitted at least one month prior to the workshop.

  • Discounts apply to tuition fees only.

  • Workshop participant are entitled to 20% discount on Dr Lam’s DVDs

  • Most rooms are twin shared and have own private bathroom. Deluxe rooms are hotel style. Supplement rate are at per night per person (pn/pp) as listed, they will be allocated at first come first serve basis. Deluxe shared supplement is $20 (pn/pp), Standard Single room supplement $30 (pn/pp), Deluxe Single room supplement $50 (pn/pp).

  • Closing date April 30th, 2017, late fees apply.

  • Cancellation fees: $65 before March 31st, 2017; $95 before April 30th, 2017; no refund after April 30th, 2017.

  • We reserve the right to cancel any course if necessary.