Tai Chi for Arthritis & Fall Prevention Part 2 & Update by Elva Arthy 29-30 July 2017

When and Where

Date 29th - 30th Jul, 2017
Time 9.00 am to 5.00 pm
Address Redlands City Lions Club
122 Shore Street Nth
Cleveland 4163




The Master Trainer is Elva Arthy who has been a professional teacher of movement and dance for over forty years and as an authorised Master Trainer with Dr Lam’s Tai Chi for Health programs for over thirteen years and a Tai Chi Instructor through her own school, she has also run over one hundred workshops and trained more than a thousand participants as Tai Chi for Health Instructors/ Leaders, mostly health and fitness professionals.  

Elva has also been a community Fitness Instructor for over 35 years and in the Redlands Community Queensland for over 32 years as a Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor, accredited with Fitness Australia.   She has been a Tai Chi Instructor at International Tai Chi Workshops in USA, New Zealand, Korea & Australia.

She is the author of textbook - Raging Ageing: Gentle Exercise Manual; a co-author of the Tai Chi Textbook – Tai Chi Dreaming: A Scientific Study of Tai Chi for Health as Mind-Body Exercise for Health, Fitness & Wellbeing and a presenter and co-author of paper on “How to teach Tai Chi Effectively” at the First International Tai Chi for Health Conference held in Seoul, Korea in December 2006.


From January 2017, Elva Arthy has now been authorised by Dr Paul Lam to conduct Tai Chi for Arthritis & for Falls Prevention workshops as well as to conduct instructor Training Workshops for certifying Part 2 of the Tai Chi for Arthritis for Falls Prevention Instructors Training program. TCAFP2 is now available as an instructor certification two day workshop.  Those TCA Leaders/Instructors who wish to include the Fall Prevention module as part of their TCA Instructor certification, can now attend a two day workshop to include TCAFP2 and the Update.    

Dr Paul Lam and his team of medical and tai chi experts designed the Tai Chi for Arthritis program to be safe and effective for people with arthritis; it also provides health benefits and can improve almost anyone’s quality of life. 

Millions of people around the world have gained health benefits from the TCA program and thousands of people around the world have gained health benefits from the TCAFP program. Many scientific studies have shown that the TCA program relieves pain, improves quality of life and makes people feel better. Studies also shown the program prevent falls; that is why the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC.gov) recommends it for this purpose. It is supported by many Arthritis Foundations including the USA, Australia and UK. 

TCAFP has twelve moves, and many people told Dr Lam they wanted a longer set to enhance their practice.  Dr Lam has carefully selected a further 9 forms to add to the original TCA to create a more exciting set.  Containing more sophisticated moves and subtle changes in direction, TCAFP2 is an ideal tool for beginners looking to expand their repertoire and develop their knowledge of the tai chi principles, and to gain more health benefits. 

Anyone who has already been certified as TCA Instructor/Leader more than two years ago, please contact Elva to discuss your eligibility for re-certification.




$390 for 2 day workshop for TCA Update, TCAFP & TCA Part 2;  or $220 for one day - TCA Update on the Saturday or TCA Part 2 Sunday. 

Morning/ afternoon tea and certificate are included. Resource materials can be purchased direct from Tai Chi Productions website. 

NEW - As TCA Part 2 is a now a CERTIFICATION WORKSHOP, preparation prior to workshop is essential:  It is a requirement that you learn the Advanced Nine movements both sides by following the instructions in the Part 2 DVD, as well as reading the recommended course material. You can start now and give yourself the opportunity to prepare for the workshop well in advance by acquiring/purchasing the Part 2 DVD and the Teaching Tai Chi for Health Effectively text by Dr Lam from Tai Chi Productions, and by accessing the article on Tai Chi for Fall Prevention from Dr Lam's TCHI website.

Please contact Elva or Denis direct by phone or email to obtain "Application Form" and workshop payment details AND also register your interest for attendance at the workshop on this website. 

NOTE:  A NEW separate annual fee of $25 is now required to be paid in order to be certified to teach any Tai Chi for Health program.  This fee will be paid by new and updating Tai Chi for Health Board Certified Instructor/ Leaders after the successful completion of the workshop direct to the Dr Lam Tai Chi for Health Institute.  This fee is in addition to the workshop fee and is not included in the workshop price.  


Redlands City Lions Club

122 Shore Street Nth Cleveland 4163




Master Trainer Elva Arthy or Dr Denis Arthy

Email:       elvamarie@tpg.com.au

Website:  www.taichiredlands.com

Phone:     (07) 3286 2779 (Messages)

Please contact Elva or Denis direct by phone or email to obtain "Application Form" and also register your interest for attendance at the workshop on this website.