Multiple Update Workshop by Ellen Reitsma

When and Where

Date May 5th 2017
Time 9.00-17.00
Address De Leeuwerik
Oude Heerweg 180
Oost Vlaanderen



Tai Chi for Health Updates


What is an Update?

Instructor/leaders are required to renew their certification every two years in order to update your skills and knowledge of the program. 


How do I update?

You can attend an update workshop run by Dr Lam or one of his Master Trainers. Many training workshops include updates provided it is arranged in advance and you need to complete a written assignment beforehand.  Update is also available by correspondence for instructors who cannot not attend a workshop because of extreme circumstances.


Why update?


As with all health and exercise professionals, updates are necessarily to maintain and improve skill and knowledge. There would be new studies, development and practice emerging to improve your teaching and tai chi skill. It is also an excellent time to share experience and connect with other members of the Tai Chi for Health vision.


We are proud that our programs are supported by many organisations worldwide, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (, the National Council on Aging and arthritis foundations and many organisations around world. The quality of our programs and instructors are the reason for this high level of support. Updating is a necessary part to maintain our professional status.  Our standards and educational programs are constantly monitored and improved.  Those instructors who allow the qualification to lapse are not authorised to use Dr Lam and the Institute’s name in their advertising.  




Multiple update workshop in Lokeren, Belgie

Update/certificaat verlengen mogelijk voor TCA-TCD-TCO


Kosten voor één update: €145 

Iedere update meer kost €10 extra.  Voor alle drie, TCA+TCO+TCD moet dus €165 betaald worden.

Laatste inschrijfdatum: 14 April. Na inschrijving ontvang je een bevestiging per email.

Annulering: €15.  Na 14 april 2017 wordt bij annulering het hele deelnamebedrag in rekening gebracht.

Dit is ook het geval als de deelnemer niet op de cursus verschijnt

Betalingen aan:

ABNAMRO ten name van Ellen Reitsma

IBAN:  NL94ABNA0605473935

BIC:    ABNANL2A   Rekeningnummer: 605473935

De naam en datum van de training vermelden en de naam waaronder jij je hebt ingeschreven.

De inschrijving is definitief na betaling van het cursusgeld.



Oude Heerweg 180

9160 Lokeren, Belgie



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