SOLD OUT Enhancing Yang 24 Forms with Dr Paul Lam

When and Where

Date: Jul 6th 2018
Time: 9-5
Address: Novotel Wollongong Northbeach
2-14 Cliff Road
New South Wales



A special workshop where you can explore the depth of the Yang 24 Forms with Dr Paul Lam

Please attend scent-free in consideration for those with allergies, including Dr Lam himself

Reasons to Come

Dr Lam has worked with the main creator Grand Master Fu and other prominent tai chi experts, he will explain the depth and inner meaning of each form. Dr Lam enjoys sharing his forty plus years of tai chi experience so much that he has travelled over a million miles teaching it. His workshops are usually fully booked; people travel thousands of miles to attend his workshops. He has a knack of making complex theory easy to learn. You can expect to enjoy his friendly interactive teaching method, and significant improvement in your tai chi.

The Form

The Yang 24 Forms: Created in 1956 in China, today it is the world's most popular set containing all the tai chi principles. At the workshop Dr Lam will offer feedback, points of improvement and direction to develop your tai chi. Anyone who knows this set can benefit from attending this workshop

At the Workshop

Dr Lam will go through form by form in detail to explain the depth and inner meaning. You will be working towards the ultimate purpose of tai chi; to cultivate your qi most effectively and enjoyably. During the workshop you will have time to interact with Dr Lam and his colleagues, and benefit from his 40 years of tai chi and teaching experience and medical knowledge to help you improve your tai chi. 

About Dr Paul Lam

Dr Lam, an Australian family physician and tai chi expert, is a world leader in the field of tai chi for health. He wrote "Teaching Tai Chi Effectively" which has been a key factor in the great success of the Tai Chi for Health programs. Dr Lam is proficient in different styles of forms of tai chi, including the complex and vigorous Chen style, traditional Yang style and Sun style with unique and powerful qigong for healing and inner strength.

Dr Lam is the author of several other books on tai chi and best-selling instructional tai chi DVDs. His tai chi programs are supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (, and health departments and arthritis foundations around the world. Millions of people have improved their health and wellness by learning his programs.

How Will I Benefit from the Workshop?

Anyone who  knows the 24 Forms can benefit from participating in this workshop. Over 500 medical studies have shown tai chi improves muscular strength, flexibility and fitness; as well as improving relaxation, balance, immunity and other health benefits. However studies don't show anywhere near the full extent of benefits tai chi can bring! Tai chi can as empower you to develop inner peace, strength and power, leading to greater  happiness and fulfilment. 

Dr Lam incorporates his medical knowledge, tai chi experience and positive psychology to enhance the 24 Forms. At the completion of the workshop you will understand the set more deeply and find a clearer path to progress in your tai chi and gain more enjoyment from your practice.

Who Can Come?

Anyone who knows the Yang 24 Forms and perform the set from memory.


Study Dr Lam's 24 Forms DVD or Online Lessons.  Registered participants will receive a 20% discount.  A discount code will be sent with your confirmation email.

What to Wear

Wear loose comfortable clothes and flat shoes suitable for exercise.


At this workshop participants will have the opportunity to update their Tai Chi for Health qualifications.  Prior notice is essential and a written assignment must be submitted by one month prior.  An administration fee applies.


24 Forms, $220 + lunch and service $30 for one day (required by the hotel)

Early Bird before 1 April 2018: $200 + lunch and service $30


Attend both the Enhancing 24 and an instructor training workshop (7-8 July) and receive a $50 discount.  Please book the Enhancing 24 workshop first and you will be sent a discount code to use when you book the instructor training.

Fee includes morning and afternoon tea and certificate

Closing date for bookings is 15 June 2018


Pacific Conference Room of the

Novotel Wollongong Northbeach (4 star, beachfront)

2-14 Cliff Road





Dianne at Tai Chi Productions

02 9533 6511