When and Where

Date: 10th - 15th Jun, 2019
Time: 9-5
Address: Mount St Joseph University
5701 Delhi Avenue
United States



The 38th Annual Tai Chi WORKSHOP

                          Cincinnati, Ohio USA, June 2019

Presented by Dr Paul Lam with TCHC


Week - long:  June 10-15

Learn or develop your tai chi in an interactive and positive setting. Enjoy the great classes, fun activities and the camaraderie from tai chi enthusiasts around the world! 

Once you have studied the information and made your section, please use Dr Lam’s secure booking sites at the links below:


To register for the Pre-Conference:  secure registration site

To register for the One Week: secure registration site


We have worked really hard to keep the fees for both workshops similar to the last three years, and those who participate in both the weeklong workshop and the pre-conference will receive a 15% discount on tuition fees.

Please attend perfume free in consideration for those with perfume allergies.




About the Workshop

Tai chi empowers you and your friends or students to improve health and wellbeing. 22 years ago, Dr Lam's team held the first annual weeklong tai chi workshop in Sydney, soon to be followed by the USA. Instructors work with small groups using Dr Lam's interactive learner-friendly teaching method. These workshops have directly and indirectly helped millions around the world to enjoy and gain health benefits from tai chi. Year after year many people travel thousands of miles to attend these life-changing workshops! Anyone is welcome.


From Past Participants 2018

Tremendous caring and energetic efforts by all!  Thank you

Dianne Erickson, Baker City, Oregon

Nice site, practice and colleagues. Wonderful instruction

Ted Shoemaker, Boylston, MA

Everyone is so friendly and willing to help and share. More like a close family than many families. Two great instructors, Mark and Richard

Jim Benton, Waterford, MI


From Dr Paul Lam:

Hello and welcome! We are looking forward to the upcoming annual workshop, with the successful experience of 37 annual workshops we are more prepared than ever to make this one even better. The workshop is about you, we love to catch up with everyone, and introduce new comers to this wonderful tai chi family. And it is about tai chi, developing our tai chi will improve our health and wellbeing. Tai chi is one of the most effective tool for a healthier and happier life. Please share this brochure with your friends. The workshop will bring powerful energy for all.

Thank you for your over the top feedback for our instructors and the workshop team, naturally since they are so amazing. Becky, Ernie and Linda will be available to answer your question and help with your choice.

Do come to the pre-conference workshop as well, you will get the synergy of both – more than twice the fun, as well as discount on both workshops.


From the President of TCHC

Tai Chi for Health Community is honored to co-sponsor Dr. Lam's annual USA workshops, June 2019 marking 17 years. If you are considering attending your first weeklong, look forward to making new friends, deepening your Tai Chi practice, and learning from expert instructors, including Dr. Lam! Seasoned veterans know that personal transformation awaits annual workshop attendees, as well as inspirational talks, beautiful demonstrations, evening seminars, and fun social activities.

Register for the Tai Chi experience of a lifetime in Cincinnati!


About us

Dr Lam's workshop team love sharing tai chi in the most positive and interactive way. We will do anything we can to facilitate a fun and rewarding time for all at the workshops.


Contact Us


Becky, Ernie and Linda



The Instructors:

Dr Paul Lam is a world leader in the field of tai chi for health improvement. He must be the first person in history to travel over one million miles to train thousands of tai chi instructors. His Tai Chi for Health programs are supported by organizations and government bodies around the world including the Arthritis Foundation, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (, and the National Council on Aging (

Experienced instructors include Linda Arksey, Mark Coffindaffer, Ralph Dehner, Debra Dunn-Yonke, Linda Ebeling, Ileina Ferrier, Pat Lawson, Robin Malby, Cathi Knauf, Richard Link, Lorraine Noval, Julie Oberhaus, Bill and Linda Pickett, Nuala Perrin, Becky Rahe, Betty Scanlon, Jim Starshak and Hong Yang.



Choose one class only.

* - Easy-to-learn, for beginners and instructor's training

** - To enhance your skill for participants with one year's tai chi experience.

***- To reach new height for an advanced practitioner.

****- To be challenged for an advanced practitioner.

1.  Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention Instructor Training Course*

Beginners without prior tai chi experience are welcome to join for better health and wellness. You will learn the Tai Chi for Arthritis program, Part 1 and 2, Seated and the special module for fall prevention. You will be entitled to be certified to teach if you meet the requirement. Supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (, National Council on Aging ( and arthritis organisations worldwide, the programs are proven to reduce pain, prevent falls and improve balance, health and wellness.

2.   Tai Chi for Memory, Rehabilitation and Diabetes Instructor Training Course *

You will learn the three programs and will be entitled to be certified to teach if you meet the requirements. Tai Chi for Memory is designed to prevent and improve loss of memory. Tai Chi for Rehabilitation is a unique combination of Yang, Sun and Chen tai chi styles. Tai Chi for Diabetes is shown to improve the management of people with Diabetes. Dr Lam incorporates his 40 years’ experience of western and eastern medicine, positive psychology and personal development with all these programs. There is special synergy with them for health and the specific conditions. Almost anyone can learn these programs relatively quickly. We welcome beginners to join for better health and wellness.

3.  Tai Chi for Beginners and Osteoporosis Instructor Training Course*

6.5 million people have viewed my Tai Chi for Beginners YouTube video, many are excited about tai chi and its health benefits. This set merges seamlessly to the world most popular tai chi set the 24 Forms. Tai Chi for Osteoporosis contains similar forms and are designed for people with this condition based on medical research. You will gain health benefits and enjoyment from learning these, and be entitled to be certified to teach if you meet the requirements

4. Energy and Part 2 Instructor Training Course**

NB: It would be an advantage to know the Tai Chi for Energy program

This refreshing and revitalising program synergises the Chen style's sophisticated spiral force with Sun style's unique and powerful Qigong. The outcome is greater internal energy and improved ability to manage stress. If you meet the requirements you will be entitled to be certified to teach the programs. It is a great introduction to faster and more sophisticated Chen style for younger participants. Beginners are welcome to join for personal development and health.

5.  The 24 Forms**

People of almost any level of physical fitness and age can learn the world's most popular tai chi set. Based on the Yang style, it is gentle and graceful. Learning this set will give you a solid foundation to expand your skill.

6.  Exploring the Depth of the 24 Forms**

Pre-requisite: Be familiar with the 24 Forms.

Working with essential tai chi principles, we explore the deeper meanings and internal aspects of tai chi to enhance your progress.

7.  Yang Style 40 Forms ***

A well-constructed set based on the classical Yang style 108 Forms, a suitable set after the 24 Forms. Graceful and open-framed, Yang is the most popular Tai Chi style.

8.  The Combined 42 Forms***

Containing the characteristics of Yang, Chen, Wu and Sun styles, it is well-balanced, complex and enjoyable. It is also a suitable next set after the 24 or the 40 Forms.

9.  Introduction to Sun Style 73 Forms**

Pre-requisite: Know Tai Chi for Arthritis and Part II.

Sun style tai chi contains unique and powerful Qigong ideal for self-growth and healing. It is a relatively easy to learn style and has great depth to be explored for a lifetime.

10.  Enhancing Sun Style 73 Forms**

Pre-requisite: Know the 73 Forms.

Extend your knowledge, learn to apply the tai chi principles and improve your forms. Explore the depth and internal aspects of Sun style.

11.  Exploring the Depth of Sun Style 73 Forms***

Pre-requisite: Know the 73 Forms very well.

Explore the conceptual depth and energy of tai chi. Sink deeper into your practice with skills for mindful integration of mind and body.

12.  Tai Chi Fan *** Refined Moving Stillness Forms

With more focus on connecting, flowing and directing of nature's spiral force through the fan, it combines both the moving meditation and energy of the Dragon!

13.  The 42 Sword Forms***

The sword is a beautiful extension of the essential principles of tai chi. This set is composed to complement the Combined 42 Forms.

14.  Chen Style 36 Forms ****

Characterized by softness and hardness complementing each other, fastness and slowness intermixed, Chen style is more vigorous and powered by a sophisticated spiral force (chan suu jin), ideal to expand skill for advanced practitioners.

15.  Exploring the Depth of 36 Forms****

Pre-requisite: know the 36 Forms.

Explore the inner principles to improve your depth and skill of the Chen style tai chi and to expand skill for advanced practitioners.


13 Contact Credit Units  Weekend $40

25 Contact Credit Units  Weeklong $75

The American College of Sports Medicine’s Professional Education Committee certifies that the Tai Chi for Health Institute meets the criteria for official ACSM Approved Provider status  from 2015-December 2018. Approved Provider #701292.

The Tai Chi for Health Institute is approved as a provider of continuing education by the Kansas State Board of Nursing. The course offering is approved for up to 16.5 contact hours applicable to APRN, RN for LPN reclicensure.
KS State of Board of Nursing Provider Number (SP1426-0119)

Evening Activities: $50 per activity

Monday 6.45 - 8.00 pm

Update for Tai Chi for Health programs.

Available only for workshop participants, apply with your registration and have assignment done prior.

Or you can settle in this beautiful retreat, make new friends and prepare for an exhilarating week.


1. 6:45pm: Annual Meeting of the Tai Chi for Health Community - an open invitation for everyone.

2. 7:30 - 9:00pm: The talent show. Get ready for fun skits and the unique talents of our tai chi friends.

THURSDAY:  6:45 - 8:30 pm

1. Radiant Lotus Women's Qigong (women only)

Enjoy an evening of healing qigong focused on women's health with both medical qigong modules and flowing movements.

 2. Tai Chi Cane

 See how a "cane" can add to the beauty of YANG 24 as well as its power.

 3.  The Six Healing Sounds

Seated Qigong practice for transforming stress into vitality and cultivating positive energy from within.

 4.  Tai Chi Fan

Experience the beauty and power of tai chi fan. Learn to open and close the fan and a short set of movements. Fans will be available. 

 5.  Line Dance:

Get moving and have fun learning old and new most popular country and modern line dances.

6. Hula with Ileina


Enjoy a night of fun, specially catered dinner and danc­ing! It is a great time to get together. All Welcome. Cash Bar

$50 for additional guests


       WE ARE NOT FINISHED YET; Practice, class demonstrations, certificates pictures & Checkout

AIRPORT:  Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) Located 25 miles from Mount St. Joseph University, it offers direct daily flights from cities throughout the States. Shuttle service between airport and university can be reserved with notice. Contact Service Team for information details.

ACCOMMODATIONS:  All-inclusive rate includes two-person shared room with communal hall bathroom; limited number single rooms in either 2-bedroom suites or single rooms at additional $10 per night. Many have communal hall bathrooms. All rooms allocated first come first served.




Workshop Package Includes:

COMMUTER Package includes: Course tuition fee, certificate, breakfast, lunch and dinner, morning and afternoon refreshments.

ALL INCLUSIVE Package includes: Course tuition fee, accommodations, certificate, breakfast, lunch and dinner, morning and afternoon refreshments.

Note: Please enroll early to ensure your chosen class.

*Early Bird Ends March 1, 2019

Registration Ends April 20, 2019

All Inclusive Attendee  WEEK ONLY $1,765*/$1,825 USD

TCHI/TCHC All Inclusive WEEK ONLY $1,670*/$1,765 USD

Commuter WEEK ONLY $1,040*/$1,125 USD

TCHI/TCHC Commuter WEEK ONLY $990*/$1,040 USD

TCH Updates $50 per program with written assignment, copy of current TCH certificate

Additional Guest for Friday Evening Celebration $50 per person

Cancellation fees: $75 before March 31, 2019; $100 before April 30, 2019 and no refund after.

We reserve the right to cancel any course if necessary.

Commuters: Wednesday Evening and Thursday Evening Courses Additional $50 per person per course


Mount St. Joseph's University

5701 Delhi Avenue


OHIO 45223. USA



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Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST

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