Tai Chi for Memory by Rani Hughes with special guest presenter Dr. Paul Lam

When and Where

Date: 23rd - 24th Feb, 2019
Time: 9.00-5.00pm
Address: Heidelberg Repatriation Hosptial,
Acacia Room & Wattle Hall, 300 Waterdale Rd



Dr. Paul Lam’s team merged medical research and traditional Chinese Medicine to create this new, innovative tai chi program. Anyone can enjoy this deeply empowering program, simple but with depth. It can be taught to people with different levels of cognitive impairment including memory loss. Studies have shown tai chi improves memory and brain health.  

At the conclusion of the workshop

·  Learn how to teach this program safely and effectively

·  Gain knowledge of what is Tai Chi and how it helps people with memory loss

·  Be able to perform the Tai Chi for Memory set

Who is eligible to attend this training?

Suitable participants include: Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, Tai Chi teachers and advanced tai chi students, Nurses, Health professionals (eg. doctors or psychologists), Accredited Exercise Instructors, Certified Allied Health Assistants. If you would like to receive an attendance only certificate, anyone is welcome.

Your trainers

Special guest presenter, Dr Paul Lam is an Australian family physician and the director of Tai Chi for Health Institute is a world leader in the field of tai chi for health. Rani Hughes is an occupational therapist and master trainer in various Tai Chi for Health programs. 


Instructor Fee: $450 or $420 (early bird fee paid in full by 23 December, 2018)

*Attendance Fee: $350 or $320 (early bird fee paid in full by 23 December, 2018)

*Attendance fee is for people who would like to work with Dr. Lam & Rani but do not want to receive an instructor certificate. It is to simply deepen their own tai chi practice.  

Update other tai chi for health programs for $45 per program. 

Attend both Tai Chi for Memory and Tai Chi for Heart Conditions workshop (25 & 26th Feb, 2019) and receive $50 discount off each program, saving $100 over all.

Each participant is required to purchase Tai Chi for Memory DVD ($29.95) or subscribe to Dr. Lam’s Online lessons at www.onlinetaichilessons.comto study the program prior to the workshop. "Teaching Tai Chi Effectively" by Dr. Paul Lam is the pre-reading for the workshop. This book is available as a hard copy book ($21.95) or e-book ($9.99 through Tai Chi Productions in Sydney Ph (02) 9533 6511 or

$50 administration fee on cancellations one month prior to the workshop, no refunds afterwards


Rani Hughes Ph 0409 164 396