23rd Annual Workshop with Dr Paul Lam (via Zoom)

When and Where

Date: 4th - 9th Jan, 2021
Time: 9-5
Address: Novotel Wollongong Northbeach
2-14 Cliff Road
North Wollongong
New South Wales



Here are the times for each day – this is shown as Sydney Australian time. To be sure you can convert Sydney time to any time zone at this site

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Sydney, Australia* AEDT (UTC +11)

Mon, 4 Jan 2021

am: 9:00 – 11:00

pm: 1:00 – 3 pm

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New York, NY, USA EST (UTC -5)

Sun, 3 Jan 2021

pm: 5:00-7:00

pm: 9:00-11:00


Dr Paul Lam

Dr Paul Lam, a retired family physician in Sydney, Australia, is a world leader in the field of tai chi for health improvement.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( recommends his Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention Program.

Dr Lam has been studying many styles and forms of tai chi for over forty years.  He has created several Tai Chi for Health programs that have improved the health of millions of people worldwide.

He is one of the most respected tai chi teachers having trained thousands of instructors.  Dr Lam has written several tai chi books including Teaching Tai Chi Effectively and Tai Chi for Beginners and the 24 Forms.  His instructional DVDs are best sellers around the world.

From Dr Lam

I love to rise to a challenge!  Nothing stops me from finding new ways teach tai chi and meet with my tai chi family.

I am passionate about learning and exploring tai chi, and I have been doing just that for over 45 years. I have been working with medical and tai chi colleagues to find the true core elements of tai chi, or the true magic of tai chi. I would like to share what I have learned with you to make your tai chi journey more enjoyable and to bring more health benefits in a shorter time.

I am going to share the tai chi energy and knowledge as though we are there in person. An essential ingredient is for you to prepare with my instructional online lessons or DVD of your class/es. They are designed as though you are in my classes. Please work through each lesson, even if you already know the program or the set. Then I will be able to teach more in less time.

At past annual workshops people often asked if they could attend more than one class, now for the first time you can. In fact, you can enroll in all six classes with a discount!

I will personally teach all the classes. My colleagues will facilitate and teach small breakout groups. I promise to try to arrange a virtual social dinner and dance the night away.


The Classes

January 4-5 Monday and Tuesday

am: Exploring the Depth of the 24 Forms

pm: Exploring the Depth of the Combined 42 Forms

January 6-7 Wednesday and Thursday

am: Spiral Force

pm: Exploring the Depth of the Sun Style 73 Forms

January 8-9 Friday and Saturday

am: Tai Chi Sword the 32 Forms

pm:  Exploring the Depth of the Chen Style 36 Forms


The Forms:

Exploring the Depth of the Yang 24 Forms

Dr Lam has worked with the main creator Grand Master Fu and other prominent tai chi experts, he will explain the depth and inner meaning of each form. Dr Lam enjoys sharing his forty plus years of tai chi experience so much that he has travelled over a million miles teaching it. His workshops are usually fully booked; people travel thousands of miles to attend his workshops. He has a knack of making complex theory easy to learn. You can expect to enjoy his friendly interactive teaching method, and significant improvement in your tai chi form.

The Yang 24 Forms: Created in 1956 in China, today it is the world's most popular set containing all the tai chi principles. At the workshop Dr Lam will offer feedback, points of improvement and direction to develop your tai chi. Anyone who knows this set can benefit from attending this workshop.

Exploring the Depth of the Combined 42 Forms

I worked with Professor Men Hui Feng (the creator of this amazing set) over many years. I love the depth and I am looking forward to sharing it for the first time in a workshop. It contains key characteristics of the Yang, Chen, Wu and Sun tai chi styles. It flows seamlessly and is very enjoyable to practice.  

Spiral Force

The Chinese name for this force is Chan Si Jin, it is also known as the Silk Reeling Force. It holds a mysterious place in tai chi. Dr Lam will work with you to help you experience its amazing power.

Many people believe this is the uniquely powerful feature of Chen style. During this workshop Dr Lam will explain what spiral force is, and how to experience and develop it.  He will lead you through incorporating the force into the movements of the Tai Chi for Energy program. By the completion of this workshop, you should be able to incorporate spiral force into any style of tai chi.

To gain the maximum enjoyment please prepare with the Tai Chi for Energy program, and preferably Tai Chi for Energy II as well.

Exploring the Depth of Sun Style 73 Forms

I worked closely with Professor Men (the creator of the set) for many years. This set has unique qigong together with so many powerful features. It is exciting to discover the depth. I will incorporate my 45 years of tai chi and medical experience to enhance the 73 Forms. I will offer points of improvement and directions to develop your tai chi.

By the completion of the workshop you will better understand the set and have found a clearer path to progress in your tai chi and gain more enjoyment from your practice.

The 32 Sword:

The sword is a beautiful extension of tai chi. The holder of the sword is often thought to have the spirit of righteousness. The inner energy and harmony with tai chi add more power and beauty.

The 32 Forms was created to compliment the most popular tai chi set the 24 Forms, it contains all features of Yang style tai chi as well as extension of the powerful qi through the sword. It is an enjoyable tool to develop your tai chi. 

Exploring the Depth of Chen 36:

Chen is the original style featuring fastness complimenting softness, slowness intermixed with fastness, explosive force-delivering movements and complex expressions of spiral force. Learning it is like climbing a magnificently steep mountain, challenging and fulfilling!

Dr Lam has a deep fascination for the Chen style and learned this set directly from its creator, Professor Kan. He has practiced the set for forty years.



Updates on request by enrolled participants only, a completed assignment must be submitted with a copy of current TCH Certificate 2 weeks prior. Administration fees $50 per program applies.


  • Preparation prior to the workshop.
  • Good internet access and familiarity with Zoom video conferencing software.


Fee:  AUD$200 (Approx. USD$145) per course. All 6 courses AUD$950

Cut-off date for bookings is 3 January 2021, but limited placement on first come, first served basis.


Register at Dr Lam's secure booking site



Refund policy:  No refunds.


Virtual workshop - anywhere with an internet connection.



Di or Fizz: 02 9533 6511

6 Fisher Place Narwee, NSW 2209, Australia



Becky or Ernie:

844-823-7526 (Best hours to call 9AM-1PM Eastern, or leave message)