Tai Chi for Memory - Multi-Updates

When and Where

Date: 26th - 27th Sep, 2020
Time: 9am - 5pm
Address: 3 George St
New Zealand



Tai Chi for Memory: An Empowering Program for Everyone!

What is Tai Chi for Memory?
Studies have shown tai chi improves memory and brain health. Dr Lam's team merged medical research and traditional Chinese medicine with tai chi to create an easy to learn program. It is especially useful for people with memory loss, Alzheimer's disease, or similar conditions. It is also designed to prevent these conditions.  

Caring for people with memory loss is challenging for carers and family; this mind-body program engages everyone for a quality time together. It will improve most aspects of health including balance, immunity and relaxation, and can be practiced and enjoyed by anyone.

Reasons to Come

  • Learn this new program personally from  Dr Lam with his colleagues
  • Physical and occupational therapists may find it a useful tool for their patients/clients
  • Useful tool for caregivers
  • Learn how to gently encourage and empower even the most debilitated participantsanyone can benefit from this program
  • Deepen your understanding of tai chi principles

Who Will Benefit?

  • Almost any can enjoy this unique program, simple but with depth. This is a deeply empowering program, which can be taught to people with different levels of memory loss. 
  • Tai Chi for Memory can improve and prevent memory loss, as well as helping caregivers and family members.
  • Instructors can learn to teach this program to your participants who love any Tai Chi for Health program/s. 

Dr Paul Lam

Dr Paul Lam, a family physician in Sydney, Australia, is a world leader in the field of tai chi for health improvement.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention ( recommends his Tai Chi for Arthritis Program. Dr Lam has been studying tai chi for over forty years.  He is proficient in different styles and has created several Tai Chi for Health programs that have improved the health of millions of people worldwide.

He is one of the most sought after tai chi teachers having trained thousands of instructors.  Dr Lam has written several tai chi books including Teaching Tai Chi Effectively and Tai Chi for Beginners and the 24 Forms.  His instructional DVDs are best sellers around the world.

PreparationBest way is to find out for yourself

Prepare by working with the Tai Chi for Memory DVD or the Online lessons and the Teaching Tai Chi Effectively book or ebook as much as possible. The DVD/lessons and book are essential requirements for certification for instructor of this program. Materials are available from (20% discount for paid participants, discount code to be given at registration.) 

What To Wear

Wear loose comfortable clothes and flat shoes suitable for exercise. 


Current instructors can request Tai Chi for Health certificate updates with advance notice and submitting an assignment one month prior to the workshop.An administration fee applies and a written assignment must be submitted prior to the workshop.
NB Assignments submitted late incur an admin fee.


Two Day: Training as an Instructor in Tai Chi for Memory

Participants applying to update additional Tai Chi for Health qualifications may do these at this workshop - see below.

Preparatory papers are to be submitted prior to TCM course and for updates sssignments will be required. Refer below for costings.

TCHI Board Certified Instructor (BCI) fee is required on successful certification: The annual fee is payable direct to the Tai Chi for Health Institute. Following successful completion of the instructor training workshop, you will receive an email invitation to become a Tai Chi for Health Institute Board Certified Instructor (BCI), which is required before teaching the program (if not already a member). Annual fee is $25 AUD (Standard Membership) or $45 AUD (Premier Membership) regardless of the number of certificates you have. A TCHI Board Certified Instructor is a person who has fulfilled the requirements, completed the training of a Tai Chi for Health programme, and is registered with the Tai Chi for Health Institute board. 



Costs - all GST incl:  Included in cost are light morning and afternoon teas.

Participants - provide own lunches - purchase own resources

Early-bird payment is for payments completed by 30th August 2020

Discounts are available for Registered Exercise Professional members REPs (training contributes to CPD), BCI members of TCHI, Members of Tai Chi for Health Community NZ Inc TCHCNZ Inc

1. REPs Registered (15% Discount) CPD recognition                     Early Bird $250 incl GST (After 30th August 2020, $280 incl GST)

2. TCHC NZ Inc Member (10% Discount)                                         Early Bird $265 incl GST (After 30th August 2020, $295 incl GST)

3. TCHC NZ Inc Member plus BCI registered (15% Discount)        Early Bird $250 incl GST (After 30th August 2020, $280 incl GST)

4. Non-Member                                                                                  Early Bird $295 incl GST  (After 30th August 2020, $325 incl GST)


Resources Required:

a) Teaching Tai Chi Effectively book 2011 ($23.20 discounted price for workshop participants ONLY)   

b) Tai Chi for MEMORY DVD ($31.20 discounted price for workshop participants ONLY)    

Order resources from:                                                                                                                                                                                                                           To receive 20% discount (for participants who have paid for the course) apply discount code workshop20                                                                                                                         BCI Members quailify for additional 5% reduction for minimum purchase of $200

Instructor qualifications are updated each two years. UPDATES available at this course are TCD, TCE, TCKidz, TCO, TCR, TCW and all each of the Arthritis series TCA, TCA2, TCAFP, Seated TCA.

Updates costs are $35 for each qualification. Please note that any number ( 1-4 )of the Arthritis series are approached in cost as one update.

For grouping of updates the cost does not exceed $100 (subject to change)

Please ensure you register for each of your updates at teh time of registering for TCM

Please also note it is recommended all TCHI instructors hoild a curremnt First Aid certificate


The course will be in the West Room of Enliven building at 3-5 George Street in Thorndon, Wellington.

Please ensure you arrive before 9am for ready access to the building. Parking is available.

Lunch outlets are not in the near vicinity.


Master Trainer Chris Hattle


M   027 285 2002  (text)

P    28 Wikiriwhi Cr, Awapuni, Palmerston North 4412