Virtual Seated TCA with emphasis on TCA Instructor Skills Development with Heather Chalon, MPH

When and Where

Date: 1st - 2nd Dec, 2020
Time: 8:00am Pacific/9:00 Mountain, AZ time/11:00 Eastern - 3 1/2 hours each day
Address: This is a virtual workshop conducted using Zoom platform.




Welcome.     I am delighted that you are taking this step to serve people in your community by learning to safely and effectively teach Seated Tai Chi for Arthritis  and  enjoy this time to  deepen your personal  tai chi skills as well as your Tai Chi for Health Instructor  skills.    Many people who teach Seated TCA are amazed at how much depth they gain for themselves and their participants.   It is engages the mind body connection and is fun to play with all skill levels and abilities so it makes for a great bridge in mixed level classes and for brining new participants into an existing class.    

Participants must either be already certified in Tai Chi for Arthritis or TCA for Falls Prevention,  or will become certified prior to this workshop.   See my listing for November 14-15  or go to another MT's workshop.  

Dates and Times:   Tuesday December 1 and Wednesday December 2.   8 am Pacific - 11:30,   9-12:30  Mountain/AZ,   Noon-3:30 pm Eastern time.   

This training will be delivered in a virtual format using the Zoom platform along with  plenty of support for your preparation,  training days, and final steps to bring you to completion of your certification process.  Along the way,  we will go deeper with TCA, TCAFP skills and how to take our participants into a rich tai chi experience.  

Please download Zoom right away if you have not already used it.  If you have already downloaded, please make sure you have a current version.  The free version is sufficient.   We will run some practice sessions prior to the workshop so everyone is comfortable prior to and support will be on hand during the two-day training.  Zoom offers free online trainings on how to use the platform and you are encouraged to take a little time to become familiar with Zoom function for your own confidence and comfort so your awareness can be focused on enjoying the training.

Our event coordinator will send you a discount code for 20% off your order with your welcome letter within 48 hours of receiving your registration along with further information and links to resources for your preparations.  

  • Preparation for Virtual Instructor Training
    • You must work with the DVD or on-line lessons
    • **REQUIRED** - Video yourself performing the complete form
      • Send your video to me at least 10 days before the workshop starts.
    • Participants are required to have a copy of the Teaching Tai Chi Effectively book
      • Review the text, especially the chapters on safety, teaching effectively, Stepwise Progressive Teaching Method and Working with Chronic Conditions is part of your preparation. 
  • Virtual Training Platform: Zoom Meetings – Master Trainer and all Participants will be ‘live and visible’ during the entire training
  • CURRENT Tai Chi for Arthritis Instructor Or TCAFP Instructor
    • 6.5 Hours of Training (1 Day – Similar to in-person trainings)
    • Please download Zoom (you may use the free version)
    • Participants must use a tablet or computer with a camera to participate. 
      • Phones are not allowed as the screen will be too small.
    • You must be present for all of the training
      • You cannot turn off your camera or put up a photo in place of having the camera on
    • We will take frequent mini breaks
    • Participants must have a space large enough that they can be seen from head to toe throughout the workshop.
      • If available, I recommend using a USB connection to a larger screen or your television, so you have a larger image.
  • Post Instructor Training
    • Schedule and attend 1 Private 1-hour exit zoom sessions with the Master Trainer
      • The first zoom session will be within 1 week of the training
      • The zoom session will be within 5-30 days of the first session, preferably the week following the training
  • Certifications will be awarded once all training requirements and zoom sessions have been completed
  • Upon teaching will make sure to have CPR/First Aid Certification


Tution: $175 - Includes pre workshop support,  training days,  post workshop support through to instructor certification and delivery of official TCHI certificate as well as online award with   

Does not include  required  Board Certified membership - annual AU$ 25 / approx  US$18 to be paid to tchi (link will be provided by TCHI when I award your certification on the TCHI site).  Does not include training materials. participants will receive a 20% discount code to order Seated Tai Chi for Arthritis DVD and Teaching Tai Chi Effectively book.  Discount code will be sent once tution invoice has been paid.

Update Your Certification:  Please let me know if you need update in TCA. TCAFP and TCA2, Total fee for the 3 updates and adding Seated TCA certification is $265.   TCA, TCAFP Updates + first time STCA total fee is $225.   contact:   Update Assignments will have to be completed prior to the workshop.

  • CEU Credits – 6.5 (1days) contact hours/CEC’s for Provider-American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
  • Seated Tai Chi for Arthritis qualification training

Other service fees (if you are not already a registered Board Certification for TCH)

  • BOARD CERTIFICATION: This is an annual fee and allows you to teach Tai Chi for Health programsAU $25/1 year,  US$ approx $18.
  • Continuing Education Credits/Units Available.  Cost $35.00 for 6.5 contact hours.  
  • Payment:  You will not be asked for payment when your submit this registration.  You will be emailed a confirmation by TCHI.  Thank you for taking immediate step to submit payment to me.  

    1) Mail check or money order to Heather Chalon   1700 E River Road #64422, Tucson, Arizona 85728   (mail is slower these days,  please notify me by email when you post your check)

    2)  PayPal, Or,  PayPal,  Send Money Option using email address  NOTE:   Please make a notation within the transaction to identify the purpose of the transaction "Seated TCA Virtual 12/ 1-2" . 

  • CANCELLATION FEE.  $50 per person, if cancellation is submitted in writing and confirmed, via email to within 3 days of registration.   Within two weeks of workshop date, no refund.


This is a virtual workshop using the Zoom platform. Please download Zoom (you may use the free version). If you haven't used this platform before, Zoom provides videos to help you learn how it works. This is HIGHLY recommended. Find a space in your home suitable for practice, and experiment with Zoom so you learn how to stay within the frame. I will need to see you head to toe. I recommend using painter's tape on the floor to outline the area you will need to stay within. You may also use an appropriate sized area rug. If available, I recommend using a USB connection to a larger screen or your television, so you have a larger image.

If there is interest among the group,  we can run a practice session in the days prior to the workshop. 


Workshop Coordinator:  Senior Trainer, Judy Safarewitz

Master Trainer Heather Chalon, MPH


contact phone numbers will be provided with your welcome email