Workshop is closed - Please contact Bill for more info Virtual Tai Chi for Arthritis Instructor Workshop, includes Fall Prevention & Seated & Updates w/Bill Pickett

When and Where

Date: 4th - 20th May, 2021
Time: 1:00 am - 5:30 pm EST
Address: Virtual Workshop using ZOOM
Comfort of your own living environment
Available anywhere w/computer and internet connection
United States




Tai Chi for Arthritis (TCA), Fall Prevention (TCAFP) & Seated TCA (STCA) New Instructor Qualification Class is Limited to 9 Participants max

Updates and re-certifications for existing instructors are available in: TCA, TCAFP, STCA, TCA2, TCB, TCD, TCE, TCE2, TCR, TCO, TCK, TCHC, TCM & TCQ (Qigong) - be sure to check all desired updates when registering. Contact Bill for more details if needed.

For a virtual ZOOM workshop ~ Please read the following instructions carefully!

Both New and Re-certifying Instructors will need:

  • Internet access on computer w/camera

  • Latest Free Version of ZOOM (many tutorials are available in ZOOM or YouTube)

  • To have viewing area for Master or Senior Trainer to view entire body profile from head to toes on camera when doing the form (please test this before the scheduled ZOOM session)

New Instructors will need:

  • Dr. Paul Lam's TCA Instructional DVD or access to his Online lessons.  Suggested also is Dr. Lam's book "Teaching Tai Chi Effectively". These can be purchased at  (20% discount code for products can be used in this workshop is MTWS20) 

  • Spend at least 15-20 hours studying with Dr. Lam on either of the above videos learning and reviewings the warm-ups and TCA form before the workshop. 

  • Complete a short quiz either before or during the workshop

  • Potiential new instructors will also be required to schedule ZOOM time for pre and post workshop checks with Master and/or Senior Trainers.  Because this is a virtual qualification workshop, these extra meeting times are required.

  • It is also recommended that before the first pre workshop meeting in ZOOM, each participant record a full body profile video of yourself doing the warm-ups & the form.  You can use your phone or computer w/camera and ZOOM to record the video.  The private video recording can be a great self-training and review tool.  You will improve your skills significantly after completing and reviewing your video.  This is also a great check for viewing your entire body in the ZOOM training sessions.

Re-Certifying Instructors need:

  • To be previously certified in the desired TCHI program(s) within the last 3 years (call or email Bill if you need additional advice)

  • To complete the update paperwork assignment for each program and return at least 1 week before your scheduled date

  • To review w/Dr. Lam's DVD(s) or On-line Learning for the form(s) to be updated before the workshop 

This workshop is designed to train new participants and/or re-certifying instructors to safely and effectively instruct these forms to others.  All participants will receive a competition certificate. Only those who adequately prepare and successfully complete all workshop requirements will qualify for an instructor qualification or re-certification certificate with the Dr. Paul Lam Tai Chi for Health Institute.

New Instructors:

  • Two full days w/pre and post ZOOM meetings for Tai Chi for Arthritis Instructor Qualification Workshop.
    Hours 8:30 am to 4:00 pm for 2 days or 4 days 9:00 am to 1:00 pm (Time zone may be flexible based on location of majority of participants)
    13 Contact hours for CEUs available - Processing fee is an extra $35 - Sorry, Nursing Contact hours not available in virtual workshop.

Re-certifying Instructors:

  • Virtual Workshop - scheduling times may vary. Each participants may be scheduled on a different date from this proposed schedule.

Please wear loose comfortable clothing and flat shoes suitable for exercise.

To Register click the "REGISTER FOR THIS WORKSHOP" green button above these details.

You will receive a confirmation message within 24 to 48 hours of your registration that will ensure your space is held until payment is received.  Space is limited to first 9 participants - additional registrations will be wait listed and additional instructions will follow.  Failure to pay before the deadline may forfeit your position in the workshop.

When your training and private ZOOM Session are complete, you will be entered on Dr. Lam's website as a qualified instructor.  The final step to be listed on the website as a Board Certified Instructor is to pay a small annual fee of about $19 USD.  Instructions and a link for this payment will be sent to each participant who successfully completes the workshop.  This will be discussed in more detail at the workshop. For more info on this see:


Prices are in USD and Include:

New Instructor

2-days Instructor Training Workshop and ZOOM Session(s) with Master or Senior Trainer and both pre and post workshop (there is no failure, we will work with you until you are ready as an instructor)

$250 - Early bird price (3 weeks or more prior to workshop) (9 people max - early registration and payment recommended to ensure your space)

$270 - 3 weeks or less before the workshop - failure to pay full amount before the workshop may forfeit your space.

If attending New Instructor workshop, Updates are an additional $40 each up to $100 total if more than 3 are needed.

$35 extra - 13 contact hours for CEUs Please indicate desire for CEUs in comments at registration or contact Bill prior to workshop to ensure certificate is prepared.

Recertifying Instructors:

Virtual ZOOM training workshop for 2-year re-certification for Instructors for Tai Chi for Health Institute (Scheduled at the convenience of the Participant and Master Trainer)

$140 for first update - $40 each for each additional update (total charge for additional updates would be no more than $100 if you do 3 or more

If attending New Instructor workshop, Updates are an additional $40 each up to $100 total if more than 3 are needed.

Note: $10 Up-charge/participant to Cover CC Fee)

Payments Check or Money Order:
Made out to Bill Pickett and send to:

Bill Pickett
11301 Snyder Road
Knoxville, TN 37932


ZOOM Virtual Workshop led by Bill Pickett

Location can be anywhere w/computer and internet access


Bill Pickett Master Trainer (Trainer)

Linda Pickett Senior Trainer (Co-Trainer)