Enhancing the Yang 24 Forms with Dr Paul Lam in Person

When and Where

Date: Oct 29th 2021
Time: 9-5 pm
Address: Novotel Northbeach Wollongong
2-14 Cliff Road
Nth Wollongong
New South Wales



Reasons to come

  • To learn from Dr Paul Lam in person
  • To significantly improve your 24 Forms 
  • To better feel the flow, the qi and beauty of tai chi
  • To learn how to use tai chi to improve health and wellness
  • To meet and share with other tai chi enthusiasts
  • To experience the near magical power of qi and Spiral force, and incorporate them with your tai chi
  • To update your Tai Chi for Health certificates

About Dr Paul Lam

Dr Lam, an Australian family physician and tai chi expert, is a world leader in the field of tai chi for health. He loves teaching and is one of the most sought-after teachers in the world. Dr Lam enjoys sharing his 45 years’ experience in tai chi.

Dr Lam has travelled over one million miles teaching tai chi. Many enjoy learning from him so much so that they, in turn, travel thousands of miles year after year to attend his workshops.

Dr Lam is the author of several books on tai chi and best-selling instructional tai chi online lessons and DVDs. His tai chi programs are supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (, and health departments and arthritis foundations around the world. Millions of people have improved their health and wellness by learning his programs.

You can download and print the brochure by clicking on these links:  Please share them with your family and friends.

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About the Yang 24 Forms

Created in1956 in China, today this is the most popular set containing all the tai chi principles. Dr Lam has worked with its main creator Grand Master Fu and other prominent tai chi experts, he will explain the depth and inner meaning. He will offer feedback, points of improvement and direction to develop your tai chi. Anyone who knows this set can benefit from attending this workshop.

How Will I Benefit from the Workshop?

During the workshop you will have time to share with Dr Lam his 40 years of tai chi experience and his study of Chinese culture relevant to tai chi improvement. You will also have the opportunity to work with his instructor colleagues in small groups.

Over 500 medical studies have shown tai chi improves IMMUNITY, relaxation, balance and almost all aspects of health. However studies don’t reflect the full extent of benefits tai chi can bring! It will empower you to develop serenity, inner strength, stronger qi and internal power. This can lead to more happiness and fulfilment.

Dr Lam incorporates his medical knowledge and positive psychology to enhance tai chi.

What you learn from working on the 24 Forms can be applied to other forms of tai chi and qigong. You will also find more ways to enjoy your tai chi.

Who Can Attend?

Anyone who is familiar with the 24 Forms, including instructors and students. You can expect to expand your tai chi skills in this interactive and friendly environment.


Workshop participants will have the opportunity to update any of their Tai Chi for Health qualifications. Prior notice is essential and a written assignment must be submitted before 27 August 2021. An administration fee applies.

From Dr Paul Lam

At this unprecedented time, I have decided to conduct both classes personally to ensure all safe procedures are observed. Of course I do love teaching, especially these two sets. The Novotel Hotel assures us they will have extra space for social distancing as well as strict measures to minimise risk.

I will have been vaccinated by the Date of the workshop, I recommend you to do so if possible.

A number of my instructor colleagues will join me to offer individual time for everyone in small breakout groups.

Feeling Good Naturally

2020 was a tumultuous year; going back to nature will empower us. Tai chi, of course, is based on nature. A integral part of human nature is socialising and learning from each other. What better way than us get together to do tai chi?


Your mind will benefit from the stimulation and the exhilaration of learning.

See you at the Beach!


Study the relevant online lessons or DVD.

Please come scent free in consideration for those with perfume allergies.

Wear comfortable clothing and flat shoes.

Registered participants are entitled to a 20% discount on Online lessons or DVDs; a code will be sent with your confirmation email.




  • 24 Forms - $220 + booking fees. Plus lunch $60 per day (required by the hotel)

Fees include workshop tuition, morning and afternoon tea and attendance certificate.

*NOTE: Accommodation and updates are NOT included. All booking fees are non-refundable.

Please also note that this is NOT an instructor training workshop.

Closing Date for registrations: 10 August 2021



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No refunds


Please contact the Novotel directly quoting Dr Paul Lam Tai Chi Workshop to access the special discounted rate for participants.

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Novotel Northbeach Wollongong

2-14 Cliff Rd, Nth Wollongong, NSW

Rooms are available  at the hotel from $179 a night.

Breakfast Rate: Breakfast is available in Palisade Kitchen & Bar at $28.00 per person, per day  

Rate includes car parking, subject to availability

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Dianne McGrath on 02 9533 6511

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