Tai Chi for Arthritis, TCA for Falls Prevention Instructor Qualification Training with Heather Chalon, MPH

When and Where

Date: 17th - 18th Jun, 2021
Time: 8:30am-4:30pm each day. 8:00am check in opens
Address: TBD
United States




Thank you for taking a few moments to thoroughly read the following information before you register. 

Two Day Overview:

DAY 1 and Day 2, Tai Chi For Arthritis for Fall Prevention Instructor Qualification Training

This workshop is designed to train participants to safely and effectively deliver instruction in the Tai Chi for Arthritis / Tai Chi for Arthritis for Falls Prevention (TCA / TCAFP) program to others. An application form, questionnaire, and release will be sent to all who register.

Pre-requisites:   Participants have and study the required Tai Chi for Arthritis DVD (2 DVDs), the Tai Chi for Arthrits and Falls Prevention Handbook and the Teaching Tai Chi Effectively book prior to the class, along with preparing and completing required assignment at least 10 days prior to workshop start date.  Videos of you performing the TCA movements will be required to be emailed to Heather two weeks prior to the workshop.

All participants will receive a certificate. Those who meet the requirements for certification will receive "Instructor Certification” with an invitation from Dr. Paul Lam/ Tai Chi for Health Institute to register online to become Board Certified Instructor with Tai Chi for Health Institute.  Board Certified Instructor Annual fee (Australian $25, approx. US $18) is paid after workshop to TCHI. Please read   Those who need more time to be prepared will receive Participant certificate.  

Includes light snacks both days, morning and afternoon

When registering online:

If you are with or being sent to training by Wyoming Department of Health Services, please indicate in comments section when registering (last page of registration) .  


  1. For new, first time certification select both Certified TCA and TCAFP Instructor options under Courses.  Videos of you performing the warm-ups, cool-downs and TCA Basic 6 movements to both directions will be required to be emailed to Heather two weeks prior to the workshop. 

  2. If you are already certified and are seeking re-certification, then select the options for TCA and TCAFP under Refreser Courses.  Videos of you performing the Basic 6 to the left and Extended 6, both directions, will be required to be emailed to Heather two weeks prior to the workshop.

Seated TCA:  If you are repeating the workshop through WY DOH, and know the TCA forms you are eligible to add Seated TCA certification. A brief written assignment must completed two weeks prior to the training.   Select Certified Seated TCA Instructor option under Courses and identify your intentions in the comments at time of registration and email stating your request to add Seated.  If you are re-certifying/updating in Seated TCA, select the Seated TCA under Refresher Courses. 

TCA Part 2 Re-certification:  This is NOT a TCA2 first time certification training.  If you are already certified in TCA2 and are seeking re-certification, select the TCA2 option under Refresher Courses.  There will be a written assignment to complete prior to the workshop and a demo to complete with me at the workshop.  Videos of you performing the Extended 6 to the right and TCA2, both directions, will be required to be emailed to Heather two weeks prior to the workshop.

If you are already a certified TCHI instructor, you will need to login to the website before you register for this workshop on the same site.  Use the "Lost Password" link to reset you password if you are having difficulties logging onto this website.

If you have agreed to the terms and conditions for offering classes on behalf of Wyoming Department of Health, your tuition and training materials are paid by Dept of Health.  Contact Jeff Grant is you have not already.

Required Training Materials for Certification:  Not included in registration fee.  Teaching Tai Chi Effectively (TTCE) book.  Tai Chi for Arthritis DVD.  Tai Chi for Arthrits and Falls Prevention Handbook.  A 20% discount code will be sent to participants upon receipt of registration and payment.  Or, if your organization has arranged to provide the materials, they will be sent to you.

Best Results:  A minimum of 20 hours practice per course with the applicable DVD is recommended for the best learning experience.

Continuing Education Credits/Units:  CEUs for Physical Therapists (PTs & PTAs), Occupational Therapists (OTs & OTAs), Registered Nurses (RNs), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), Licensed Mental Health Technicians (LMHTs), and CECs for American College of Sports Medicine Certified Professionals (ACSMPs).  Additional fee applies. 

Additional Re-certifications/Updates:  Re-certification is every 2 years. Additional fee applies for each update/re-certification program in addition to the TCA / TCAFP workshop fee.  Including Seated Tai Chi for Arthritis, TCA2, Tai Chi for Rehabilitation, Tai Chi for Energy.

Assignments must be completed and returned to Heather at and approved, 14 days prior to the workshop.


Tai Chi for Arthritis/ Tai Chi for Arthritis for Fall Prevention (TCAFP)

**Sent by Wyoming Department of Health?  No Fee charged to you.  Please make sure to identify yourself in comments at registration time.

  1. New, first time TCA and TCAFP Instructor Certification. Cost $295/person. If approved, add Seated TCA Certification for additional $75/person.  Brief pre-workshop assignment and videos required.  Includes reviewing and practicing with the DVD and becoming familiar with content of TTCE book and TCAFP Handbook.  

  2. Recertification/Update - DAY 2 REQUIRED.  (recommend attendance on DAY 1 and DAY 2 with no increase in fee).  Brief pre-workshop assignmennt and videos required.

    • TCA/TCAFP:  Cost $165/person

    • Add STCA or TCA2:  Additional $75/person

    • Add STCA and TCA2:  additional $135/person

  3. Just for Fun (participation only, no instructor certification). Cost $150/person (2 days)

  4. Continuing Education Credits/Units Available.  Cost $50.00 for 14 contact hours (2 days)

CANCELLATION FEE.  $50 per person if cancelled within 3 days of registration in writing and confirmed, via email to  More than two weeks out from workshop, 50% refund.  Within two weeks of workshop date, no refund.

Payment:  You will not be asked for payment when you submit registration.  You will be emailed a confirmation.  If your fee is being paid by an organization, please make a note in the comments area at registration to help ensure proper invoicing.  NOTE:  Registratioin is not considered compete until payment has been made. 

Or, Please make payment:

  1. Mail check or money order to Heather Chalon, 1700 E River Road #64422, Tucson, Arizona 85728.  With mail being slower these days, please email me at when your check has been posted.

  2.  PayPal, make a notation within the transaction to identify the purpose of the transaction (June 14-15 TCAFP WS and your name). 

  3.  Arrange for invoice or credit card payment, with $9 service fee.


Cody or Powell, WY

venue TBD


Training Hosted by:  Wyoming Department of Health.  Contact Jeff Grant

Master Trainer TCHI:  Heather Chalon, MPH

Workshop coordinators:  Senior Trainer Judy Safarewitz

Phone numbers will be provided with your welcome email.

Check your spam/junk folder if you feel you have not received information within 48 hours of registering for any of the workshops.