Zoom- Tai Chi for Rehabilitation Instructor Training with Meghan Bryant

When and Where

Date: 7th - 10th Mar, 2022
Time: 10- 3pm EST zone
Address: Zoom (ET zone)- links will be provided
United States




This workshop is designed with New Instructors to this program in mind.  There are several required elements in order to complete and then pass.

The steps to success are:

1. Register (Register minimum of 3 wks prior prefered):

  • Email the Host if there is any trouble doing so. 
  • Email and address are required so materials can be sent. 
  • Meghan will send an invoice to confirm new or recerting, allowing Credit Card or check payment to made

2. Pre- Workshop: (Required to have working knowledge before the workshop)

  • Receive materials and review them(DVD,  Teaching Tai Chi Effectivley book or poster).  Allow 2 weeks for this prep work.
  • Individual Tech Check(1 hr session)- Prepare Technology and Space (March 3 or 4) 

3. Workshop:

  • This workshop will be 3 half days over 2 wks
    • Mar 7 10am-3pm ET
    • Mar 8 10am-3pm ET
    • Mar 10 10am-3pm ET
  • There is an individual form check that will be selected first come first serve bases Mar 9 ( a schedule will be issued by Meghan to sign up for 1 hr session)
  • There is 1 last check after workshop Mar 11 for a 1 hr session.

*** Technical issues do arise and flexibility is needed if sessions are interrupted.  Mar 11 is the backup day to allow for adjustments.

Items needed at workshop:

Chair without wheels, shoes, snacks, pen & paper for notes.

In order to pass, there is a knowledge check & a forms check.  Safety is first in mind, which is why the CDC recommends us, so it is up to the Master Trainer to make sure you have key pieces to keep the Program Safe & Effective.

Seating is limited to 8 participants.

** For those recerting with more limited time- Please email Meghan to find out that separate schedule (Update onlys are not to be listed at this time on website, but still being held)  This is a great review if you have not had a chance to teach since being certified.


Please email Meghan if you are new.  An invoice will be issued by Meghan after confirming this info, which can be paid by C.C. or Check.

This pricing is for both TCA & TCAFP.

New: $305

Early Bird: $280 (postmarked by Feb 7)

Recert: $155 



Zoom- EST


Meghan Bryant

[email protected]

Please email Meghan if you have difficulty registering, and/or if you do not here back from her after registering within 2 wks.