Zoom Tai Chi for Osteoporosis instructor training workshop by Rani Hughes

When and Where

Date: 14th - 21st Oct, 2022
Time: 9.00-5.00pm both days (Melbourne based times)
Address: Online - Zoom platform




 Tai Chi for Osteoporosis


What is Tai Chi for Osteoporosis?

Tai Chi for Osteoporosis was especially designed by Dr Paul Lam in conjunction with his tai chi associates and a team of medical experts.  It helps to improve balance and prevent falls.   The program will also improve relaxation, fitness and health.  Based on Sun and Yang style tai chi, Tai Chi for Osteoporosis is easy to learn, effective and safe. 


From the Experts

“Osteoporosis Australia supports the Tai Chi for Osteoporosis program designed by Dr Paul Lam”

Judy Stenmark, CEO, Osteoporosis Australia

“Tai Chi may help people with Osteoporosis to improve their muscular strength, co-ordination and balance”

Professor Marcus Seibel, Endocrinologist, Concord Hospital

“Tai chi is a fabulous exercise for older adults as it fulfills many of the outcomes we wish to achieve”

Professor Shona Bass, Population Health, Deakin University


Reasons to Come


  • To work with one of Dr Lam’s Authorised Master Trainers
  • To learn how to teach this program to people with or without Osteoporosis
  • To improve your health
  • To improve your balance
  • To improve your tai chi knowledge
  • To make new friends and renew old friendships
  • To learn how to set up classes.



Dr Lam strongly recommends that you study the Tai Chi for Osteoporosis DVD and study the Teaching Tai Chi Effectively book as it will help you to gain more from the workshop. 


Anyone is welcome to attend, but in order to be eligible to be certified as an instructor, please check the recommended qualifications listed below.                           


  • Physical therapists or physiotherapists
  • Tai chi teachers or advanced students
  • Exercise instructors
  • Other similar professionals


Participants will receive either an attendance or an istructor/leader’s certificate.



By the Completion of the Workshop you will:


  • Know the Tai Chi for Osteoporosis set at a deeper
  •  level
  • Understand how tai chi works for Osteoporosis
  • Have learned how to teach this program effectively and safely.  Have learned Dr Lam’s Stepwise Progressive Teaching Method




Wear loose comfortable clothes and flat shoes suitable for exercise.



Dr Paul Lam

Dr Paul Lam is an Australian family physician and tai chi expert, and a world leader in the field of tai chi for health. He is a well-recognised teacher, and the author of several books on tai chi and best-selling instructional tai chi DVDs. Over five million people worldwide practice a Tai Chi for Health program every day. 

Dr Lam is one of the most sought after tai chi teachers, having trained thousands of instructors. Many travel around the world to attend his workshops.

NB:  The name of the Master Trainer authorized by Dr Lam to conduct this workshop is displayed on the workshop location and details page. 


Tai Chi for Health Program Updates

At this workshop instructors have an opportunity to update their other Tai Chi for Health certifications. 


For more information please contact the MT holding the workshop.


For Australia only

Australian Physiotherapy Association

This course is accredited by the Australian Physiotherapy Association.  For more details please contact the organiser.


For USA only - Optional Continuing Education Hours Available

The American College of Sports Medicine’s Professional Education Committee certifies that “Tai Chi for Health Institute” meets the
criteria for official ACSM Approved Provider status from (2018 December 2021). Approved Providers and their content reflect the
concepts of their respective organizations and do not necessarily represent the positions or policies of ACSM. Providership # 701292.
ACSM approved providership of this program does not imply endorsement of the sponsoring organization’s products/services.”


On successful completion of this two day intensive workshop, you will be provided with the necessary skills and knowledge to conduct safe and effective modified tai chi for osteoporisis classes. Tai Chi for Osteoporosis is a program specially designed by Dr. Paul Lam in conjunction with a team of medical specialists and tai chi experts. Based on the Sun and Yang style, Tai Chi for Osteo is easy to learn, effective and safe. It is designed to improve balance. The program aims to improve health and wellness.

At the conclusion of the workshop

  • Learn how to teach this program safely and effectively
  • Gain knowledge of what is Tai Chi and how it helps people with osteoporosis
  • Be able to perform the Tai Chi for Osteoporosis set

Who is eligible to attend this training?

Suitable participants include: Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, Tai Chi teachers and advanced students, Nurses, Health professionals (eg doctors), Accredited Exercise Instructors, Certified Allied Health Assistants. 

Your trainer

Rani Hughes is an occupational therapist and master trainer in various Tai Chi for Health programs. Rani enjoys teaching and has trained hundreds of Tai Chi for Health instructors. She has taught tai chi for over twenty years to a diverse range of people including people with arthritis, diabetes and people experiencing mental illness. She has taught tai chi across Australia, New Zealand, Sth Korea, Sri Lanka and India. 


Prepare by working with the Tai Chi for Osteoporisis DVD (or online lessons) as much as possible.It is recommended a minimum of 10 hrs of practice with the DVD.  It will enable you to gain the maximum benefits and enjoyment from this workshop. 

The book "Teaching Tai Chi Effectively" will be our text for this workshop. Review of this text, and especially the chapters on safety, teaching effectively, Stepwise Progressive Teaching Method

You need to purchase these products yourself. Once workshop payment has been received, you will be forwarded a discount code to purchase these items. 


$430 instructor certification

$50 per Tai Chi for Health Updates if you are attending the 2-day course.

If you are attending Day 2 as an update only, it costs $200 for your first update and $50 for subsequent updates. 

An invoice with payment details will be sent on registration 


Online - Zoom platform Melbourne based times 


Rani Hughes 

E: [email protected] 

Phone: 0409 164 396