Virtual Seated Tai Chi for Arthritis Instructor Workshop with Ileina Ferrier

When and Where

Date: Jan 29th 2022
Time: 11:30aCT - 7:30aCT
Address: Virtual



Seated Tai Chi for Arthritis

What is Seated Tai Chi for Arthritis? This modified seated version of Tai Chi for Arthritis can be enjoyed by anyone wishing to practice tai chi sitting down. People with almost any chronic condition can learn to improve their health and mobility. This safe easy-to-learn program relieves pain and improves health and quality of life. Many people wanted to try tai chi, but mobility issues caused them to hesitate. Dr Paul Lam and his team of medical and tai chi experts designed this program to give them a safe and effective way to learn; it will also provide health benefits and improve almost anyone’s quality of life. Based on the Sun style of tai chi, Seated Tai Chi for Arthritis (Seated TCA) is easy to learn, effective and safe. It improves flexibility, muscle strength, increases heart/lung activity, aligns posture, improves balance, and integrates the mind and body. Qualified participants who successfully complete the course will be eligible to become Board Certified by the Tai Chi for Health Institute to teach this program.

Reasons to Come

Learn how to teach this program effectively and safely

Discover how tai chi improves health and arthritis

 Learn Dr Lam's Stepwise Progressive Teaching Method

 Gain essential knowledge about arthritis

Learn about the essential principles of tai chi Improve your tai chi in a positive, enjoyable and interactive environment


Anyone is welcome to attend, but in order to beeligible to be  certified as an instructor, please check the recommended qualifications listed below.

 Physical therapists or physiotherapists

 Tai chi teachers or advanced students

 Exercise instructors

Other similar professionals

Participants will receive either an attendance or instructor/leader’s certificate.

By the Completion of the Workshop

You will:

Know the Tai Chi for Arthritis set at a deeper level

Understand how tai chi improves health and relaxation

Have learned how to teach this program effectively and safely

Have improved your tai chi skill and knowledge Have learned how to attract and retain more students


Wear loose comfortable clothes and flat shoes suitable for exercise.

NB: The name of the Master Trainer authorized by Dr Lam to conduct this workshop is displayed on the workshop location and details page.

Tai Chi for Health Program Updates

At this workshop instructors have an opportunity to update their other Tai Chi for Health certifications. For more information please contact the Master Trainer conducting the workshop.

 For Australia only

This course is accredited by the Australian Physiotherapy Association. For more details please contact the organiser.

For USA only 


The American College of Sports Medicine’s Professional Education Committee certifies that “Tai Chi for Health Institute” meets the
criteria for official ACSM Approved Provider status from (2018 December 2021). Approved Providers and their content reflect the
concepts of their respective organizations and do not necessarily represent the positions or policies of ACSM. Providership # 701292.
ACSM approved providership of this program does not imply endorsement of the sponsoring organization’s products/services.”



This workshop will provide Instructor Certification for STCA.

Prerequisite: Current TCAFP Instructor Certification.

Please attend the Zoom Orientation on January 4, 2022 at 2p Central time/9a Hawaii time.

Registrants will receive Zoom Invite two days prior to meeting.


Cost is $130 for this certfication.

If you need to update, it is $130. If you have a second update, it is $40.

Payment of registration fee is January 7, 2022. You are welcome to pay:

  • Venmo ([email protected])
  • Check made payable and mailed to ILEINA FERRIER, 318 Cambridge Place Drive, Little Rock, AR   72227 USA
  • Please send Shirley Haun or Corinne Ono a request for CEU, a week before the workshop.


Virtual Platform (Zoom)


Shirely Haun, Registrar 

Email: [email protected]

Corinne Ono (HNL), Registrar

Email: [email protected]

Ileina Ferrier, Master Trainer

Email: [email protected]