Zoom: Stage 1 & 2 Tai Chi for Arthritis, Seated, & Fall Prevention Workshop w/ Bill Pickett

When and Where

Date: 1st - 2nd Mar, 2022
Time: 9:30am - 3:30pm EST
Address: Virtual Zoom workshop
Anywhere w/computer & internet access



What is a Stage 1 & 2 Tai Chi for Arthritis, Seated, & Fall Prevention Virtual Workshop?

The Tai Chi for Arthritis program was created by Dr. Paul Lam and his team of medical and tai chi experts almost 20 years ago. More than 30 medical studies have proven it to improve health and quality of life for almost anyone. People around the world have gained health benefits from it. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( support this program for fall prevention, it is a tier 3 funded program from the National Council on Aging (NCOA), and arthritis foundations around the world support it. Tai chi is proven to improve immunity, reduce falls, reduce pain, reduce stress, and improve many other aspects of health.

Stage 1: Fundamentals of Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention Instructor Training is a completely self-paced virtual program that covers the essential material of the first part of the TCHI training to prepare effective and safe instructors. All you have to do is to follow the sequence with Dr. Lam’s video guides for every step.  You must complete the Stage 1 training for instructor qualifications (note: You do not have to complete stage 1 to attend stage 2)

Stage 2: Instructor Qualification Tai Chi for Arthritis for Fall Prevention - part two of the workshop is conducted over 2 days to complete eligibility for becoming a Tai Chi for Health Institute qualified instructor in the Tai Chi for Arthritis for Fall Prevention program.  Any TCHI Master Trainers (MTs) around the world can conduct Stage 2 either in live or virtual training listed at the Tai Chi for Health Institute ( website. MT Bill Pickett has further enhanced his Stage 2 of this program to also offer the Seated Tai Chi for Arthritis training in this package.  


When you register and pay for this workshop, you will receive a link to the Stage 1 online package that you can complete in your own time. Do enroll asap because you should complete it before Stage 2. Depending on your experience, the average time to complete Stage 1 is 20 to 35 hours and is done at your own pace,

This Stage 2 workshop is personal. The Master Trainer and Senior Trainers will work with you to answer your questions and help to improve your tai chi and ensure you can teach the program safely and effectively.

There will be discussions, practice sessions, sharing of skills and knowledge, Question and Answer portions, and, most importantly, personal instruction. The Master Trainer will give you feedback on what you did well; how you can improve your tai chi and teaching skill; connect you to the Tai Chi for Health Institute (TCHI), fellow instructors, Senior Trainers, and offer continual support.

Suitable participants include health and fitness professionals. or other similar qualifications, experienced tai chi students. or anyone interested in learning to teach the Tai Chi for Arthritis program

Reasons to Come

  • Enjoy learning at your own pace and the personal training to become eligible to be an instructor of this program
  • Learn how to teach this program effectively and safely
  • Discover how tai chi improves health and relieves arthritis
  • Learn Dr. Lam's Stepwise Progressive Teaching Method
  • Gain essential knowledge about arthritis and fall prevention
  • Learn about the essential principles of tai chi
  • Improve your level of tai chi in a positive, enjoyable, and interactive environment

The participant is Responsible for Purchasing Required Resource Materials.

Tai Chi for Arthritis DVD or access to the online lessons

Teaching Tai Chi Effectively Book

Tai Chi for Arthritis Handbook

Resource Materials may be purchased through Tai Chi Productions (a 20% discount code for all resource material will be sent upon completion of payment.

*(you will have access to the STAGE 1 online lessons for 180 days from once registration and payment are complete)

For new instructors in this virtual ZOOM workshop participants will need:

  • To complete the Stage 1 online assignment before late October - (Stage 2 will begin on Nov 11th) 

  • To have internet access on computer w/camera

  • To have the latest free version of ZOOM (many tutorials for using are available in ZOOM or YouTube)

  • To have a viewing area for Master or Senior Trainer to view the entire body from head to toes on camera when doing the form - please test this before the scheduled ZOOM session)

  • Complete a Tech Check session with either the Master or Senior Trainer before the Stage 2 training.

This workshop is designed to provide instructor qualification training for new participants by ensuring safety in the tai chi classroom, using effective stepwise progressive teaching techniques (stepwise progressive teaching methods SPTM) to instruct others, and a review of your execution of warm-ups and form(s).  All participants will receive their instructor qualifications on Dr. Lam's website at the end of the process. 

To Register click the "REGISTER THIS WORKSHOP" green button above these details.  Previously certified instructors may be required to log in to register for this workshop.  If you have difficulties logging in or forgot your password, use the "Lost Password" link to reset your password.  If you still have difficulties, you may have to contact [email protected] for further instructions.  You can always contact Tammy or Bill as listed below for more information.

You should receive a confirmation message and payment instructions within 24 to 48 hours of your registration. 

When your training and ZOOM Sessions are complete, you will be updated on Dr. Lam's website as a qualified instructor for 2 more years.  It is recommended that each instructor join the TCHI membership to be listed on the website as a Board Certified Instructor and be able to print your official certificate.  The cost is a small annual fee of about $18.50 US Dollars.  Instructions and a link for this payment will be sent to each updating participant as a congratulations letter from [email protected]  For more info on this see:


Prices are in USD and include:

Virtual Training workshop for new instructors for the Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention programs:

$280 total for Stage 1 and Stage 2 training as described above.

$150 (TCA, TCAFP, & STCA) - $50 (TCA2) Updates only - homework and separate Zoom session or recorded video required.  Contact Bill if CEUs and/or additional qualifications are needed.

Credit Card Payments:

Email Bill or note in the comments you wish to pay by credit card and a secure invoice will be sent.
(Note: 3.1% Up-charge per participant to Cover CC Fee)

Payments Check or Money Order:
Made out to Bill Pickett and send to:

Bill Pickett
11301 Snyder Road
Knoxville, TN 37932


ZOOM virtual workshop 

Anywhere in the comfort of your living environment

Any Location w/ computer and internet access


Virtual Workshop Via ZOOM

If you need assistance with the ZOOM software, please contact Bill

Workshop Contact(s): 

Bill Pickett Instructor - Master Trainer
(865) 567-4837 [email protected]