DSC03994Dr Paul Lam celebrates the 30th birthday of his school, Better Health Tai Chi ChuanWe have a wonderful day of activities, along with 200 past and present instructors and participants, and some very special guests including master Alice and the Soul Drummers. I borrowed Alice’s sword and timed my Chen sword to their drumming, then Alice dazzled everyone with a very energetic Wushu sword routine which brought the house down. 

Tai Chi for Health is Modernized Tai Chi!

Dr Paul Lam developed the Tai Chi for Health programs (TCH) incoporating up to date medical knowledge. These programs are proven by medical studies to improve health. The CDC recommends Tai Chi for Arthritis – one of the main programs, Arthritis Foundations and many health departments around the world support TCH. A wide range of Instructional DVDs is available, and worldwide over 15,000 certified instructors are teaching the programs.  

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Diabetes is reaching epidemic proportions.  Receive a 20% discount when you order my Tai Chi for Diabetes DVD.  Offer expires 31st August.  Please use code AUGDBS when ordering.

Dr Paul Lam Tai Chi for Health Institute

We are dedicated to empowering people to improve health and wellness.

Welcome by Dr Paul Lam                                                 


The 30th Annual Workshop, Sydney 2016

Dr Lam talks about his memoir:

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