Dr Paul Lam’s YouTube Videos

dr-lam-enjoys-sharing-tai-chi-with-friendsFrom Dr Lam: I have produced over 100 YouTube clips, from free tai chi lessons, medical presentation, demonstration, tai chi, health and life style topics. My clips, mostly the free tai chi lessons, received 7,130,505 hits by Sept 15, 2016.

My intention is to produce work that are useful to you, and I don’t allow advertisement on them. Feel free to contact me at service@tchi.org. 

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Free Tai Chi Lessons:

  1. Tai Chi for Beginners – a great start with the Six Easy Steps, almost anyone can learn this.
  2. Tai Chi for Energy  – if you prefer a more challenging and faster-paced program.TCE DVD Cover
  3. Tai Chi for Arthritis  – if you prefer a gentle start, or have arthritis or other chronic conditions. This program is recommended by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (cdc.gov) for preventing falls, it is suitable for almost anyone with or without any medical condition to improve health and wellness.
  4. Tai Chi for Arthritis Part II DVD – only if you have done the complete Tai Chi for Arthritis program, try out the extra power of qi.
  5. Tai Chi for Energy II – you did well with Tai Chi for Energy, now try twice the energy!
  6. Tai Chi for Rehabilitation – the easiest and more profound program for anyone from recovering from surgery and illness to just relax and grow qi.
  7. The 24 Forms – try the world’s most popular set of forms, you will learn it more easily once you have learned Tai Chi for Beginners.
  8. The 73 Forms – if you wish to go further after practising and being familiar with Tai Chi for Arthritis I and II.

Other series:

More to come…