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Writing an Article or Personal Story in Dr Paul Lam’s Monthly Newsletter


Thanks for considering contributing to my newsletter. The purpose of my newsletter is to provide useful information to improve tai chi and health. Please keep this purpose and the guide below in mind. To make sure we can present your article the best way, please send it at the format at the end of this guide.

  1. Less than 400 words; or less than 200 words for a personal story. Sharing tai chi helps everyone to improve and enjoy tai chi better
  2. If appropriate give at least one real live example. 
  3. Provide a photo preferably someone doing tai chi, preferably the author, and in jpg format.
  4. Provide permission from anyone with full real name mentioned in your articles. 
  5. A good way is to present your article in three phases:
    One: Briefly state your theme, plus a few words to capture the readers’ attention, to entice them to read on.      Ask yourself these questions as if you were the reader: what would make me curious or interested enough to read on? What is in it that can benefit me?
    Two: Follow with the main body to develop the theme.
    Three: The take home message or conclusion.
  6. Put the word “tai chi” in lower case.
  7. Single space in between sentences.
  8. Please provide a one sentence abstract depicting the essence of your article.

Writing article is a rewarding experience to share tai chi. When you put your thoughts down you will gain deeper understanding of your topic and improve your tai chi. If you are writing about a personal story, it often inspires many people.

All submitted articles will be reviewed by the Editor and me.  Submitting an article implies that the writer agrees to any appropriate editing of the article.  Time permitting, the writer will be sent a copy of the edited version if anything other than minor spelling or grammatical changes are made.


Last Name: _____________
First Name: _______________
Email addreess: (not to be published but we can use it to contact you) __________
City: ___________
Are you a tai chi instructor? ____________
If yes where do you teach? _____________ (main site only)
Are you a student, ST or MT? ______________

Background information about you: (50 words or less)

One sentence abstract depicting the essence of your article: (30 words or less) 

Your article: (400 words or less) _______________________
Thanks for your contribution, please send a photo in JPG format relevant to and with your article.

Dr Paul Lam
Tai Chi for Health Institute


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