Tai Ch for Rehabilitation BY Master Trainer Ralph Dehner and Hong Yang

When and Where

Date 25th - 26th Aug, 2018
Time 9:00 am - 4:30 pm
Address 2515 Valley Dr.
Hermosa Beach
United States




Tai Chi for Rehabilitation

What is tai chi?

Tai chi originated in ancient China; it improves health and wellness and is practiced throughout the world. There are many forms of tai chi with significant differences to each other. Each form and style has its own special features. Tai Chi for Rehabilitation is designed so that almost anyone can learn it easily.

What is Tai Chi for Rehabilitation?

This program consists of three different tai chi styles. Chen style tai chi is vigorous and sophisticated, containing fast and slow movements along with powerful spiral force. Sun style includes a unique qigong (life energy) along with agile

steps. Yang has graceful and slow movements which promote health.

Tai Chi for Energy has been extremely popular and Dr Lam was inspired to create this prequel as a gentle introduction to Chen Style, making the trilogy a complete package for people of any physical ability.

This relaxing set can be done lying, sitting or standing and will help develop your knowledge and inner power of tai chi.

Who will benefit?

Anyone can benefit from coming to this workshop. You
will enjoy learning this short but beautiful set of tai chi with three powerful styles. With regular practice, you will gain inner strength, stronger muscles, and stronger Qi relatively quickly. You will be able to develop complexity and stronger Jing (force) from learning this program.

Tai Chi for Rehabilitation is especially useful for physical therapists and those who teach participants with chronic conditions. You can qualify to be certified to teach this program if you meet the requirements.

Reasons to Come

  •  Learn an relaxing tai chi program that is suitable for a wide

  •  Learn how to teach tai chi effectively 

  • Improve your understanding of essential tai chi principles

  •  Enjoy exploring the inner meaning and gaining deeper insights into tai chi

  •   Discover the Sun style's inner energy

  •  Understand the mysterious spiral (Chan suu jing) force


9:00 am to 4:30 pm (the first day check in will be at 8:30am)


Prepare by working with Dr. Lam's TCR DVD as much as possible. It will enable you to gain the maximum benefits and enjoyment from this workshop.

Who will be Certified to Teach the Program?

Participants who have met all requirements on completion of the workshop will be eligible to be certified by the Tai Chi for Health Institute to teach this program. Please see the following link for details of the certification process:  http://taichiforhealthinstitute.org/faq-for-becoming-a-board-certified-instructor/.

Cost :

- $265 for TCR instructor certification

- $145 for Re-cert/ update TCR 

- $ 45 for each update for TCR, TCA/FP, Seated TCA, TCA part 2 if registed for Certify TCR 

- $30 for CEU credit with advanced notice by email to Ralph Dehner at ralph.dehner@juno.com

Registering:  You must register on line by the link below:


Or  Register online with TCHI by clicking the link above. If you are already a certified instructor, you will need to login to the website to register for this workshop.  Use the "Lost Password" link to reset your password if you are having difficulties logging on. You may also email to Marc or Ralph for registration, see their contact information below.


Marc Saldana -  Phone :  1(310)701-9688       Eamil :     saldana.m.w@gmail.com 

Ralph Dehner  : Email -  ralph.dehner@juno.com

Hong Yang : yanghong9922@gmail.com

Registration By Mailing Registration form and check payable to Ralph Dehner and send to Marc Saldana :

416 4th Street, Mahattan Beach, CA 90266  

Cancellations are subject to a $50 administrative fee prior to July. 15, 2018; after this, cancellations will be no refund.


$265 for TCR two days Instructor certification Training (Early birdsDiscount $250 pay before July 15, 2018)

$45 for each aditional update (TCR, TCA , TCAFP, Seated Taichi, TCA part 2)

Make Payable to :  Ralph Dehner

Mail the pay check to Marc Saldana :

416 4th Street, Mahattan Beach, CA 90266  

(* Please buy Dr.Lam's DVD of Tai Chi for Rehabilization on www.tchi.org/products as soon as you registe for this workshop)



2515 Valley Dr. Hermosa Beach, CA 90254



      Marc Saldana   

      Phone: 1(310)701-9688

      Email :  saldana.m.w@gmail.com