Multiple TCHI Update Workshop - Master Trainer Bill Pickett

When and Where

Date: Oct 25th 2020
Time: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Address: Knoxville TN
11301 Snyder Road
United States



To qualify for any of these updates, you must have been trained as a qualified instructor in the program within the past 3 years.  This is not a new instructor training.  Any questions or issues with these requirement, please contact Bill Pickett listed in the contact info below.

This is a virtual update workshop and the requirements will be sent to each participant.


For Logistics purposes please register at the following website.

First Update $130 - Additional Updates $40.00 Each                     

Check, money order, or cash - sorry no credit card or PayPal – Send Payment to or pay at the door:

Bill Pickett

11301 Snyder Road

Knoxville, TN 37932

Update Fee includes Update certificate(s) and water.  Due to dietary restrictions, each participant is responsible for bringing their own snacks.

Optional updates TCA, TCAFP, STCA, TCA2, TCD, TCE, TCE2, TCO, TCK, TCM or TCB available $130 for first update, $40 each for additional – assignment paperwork will be required for each update - requirements will be sent on registration - Contact Bill Pickett for additional details.

If you need any additional DVDs or instructional material, please feel free to order on-line and use my discount code MTWS20 for a 20% discount code.


Virtual Workshop Via ZOOM

If you need assistance with the ZOOM software, please contact Bill


Local Contact: 

Bill Pickett

Bill Pickett Instructor (Master Trainer)

              (865) 567-4837

Linda Pickett Assistance Instructor (Senior Trainer)

            (865) 414-7334