Tai Chi for Arthritis, TCAFP, STCA Updates with Heather Chalon, MPH

When and Where

Date: Jan 27th 2020
Time: Check in opens 8:30. Program runs 9am till 5 pm
Address: Harmony Hospice Tucson
1200 N El Dorado Pl STE B- 200
United States




Interested in additional training?   See the registration page for January 25-26, Tucson with Master Trainers Pat Lawson and Heather Chalon,  offering 2-Day Instructor Qualification Training with multiple updates in other TCHI programs

If attending both workshops, TCHC Jan 25-26,   TCA Updates  Jan 27 please do register for both.  Special pricing has been organized for attending both workshops. 

Why attend this ONE DAY workshop?

This workshop is an opportunity to refresh, renew, extend, refine, practice and enhance the performance and teaching skills of the Tai Chi for Arthritis program.   For those who are currently certified in TCA and/or TCAFP,  they may add certification in SEATED TCA as well as to UPDATE/Renew their TCA certification all of which include TCA & Fall Prevention.  Anyone who is familiar with the TCA program is welcome to register Just For Fun/ Skills Development.  Please state your specific request for the JFF/Skills in the notes section at registration.  

This workshop will also develop your own Tai Chi practice and skills of teaching the TCA program under the supervision of Master Trainer Heather Chalon by bringing attention throughout the workshop on extending Dr Lam’s essential principles including the application of the TCA program to falls prevention and learning to teach and perform tai chi in a seated position in a safe and effective way, thus being another method of enhancing the TCA program.

This ONE DAY workshop focuses EXCLUSIVELY on refreshing, enhancing and extending the TCA program thru Extended 6 and including Seated TCA.  For those who are currenlty proficient in TCA2 practice time with feedback will be offered.      Multiple updates for other Dr Lam’s Tai Chi for Health programs are not offered.   

CEUs for health, wellness, fitness professionals available for a nominal fee.   See Info and Cost details below. 

  • Requirements: 
    • Pre-workshop Written Assignments are required for each certification program.
    • Proof of CPR Certification or plan to obtain is required for New Certifications.
    • Proof of CPR Certification is required for Re-certifications.
    • STCA Certification:  Must be certified in TCA/TCAFP.
    • 3 Day Option (January 25-26,  27):  Prior to workshop, know both the TCHC and TCA Basic 6/Extended 6 Forms
    • 2 Day Option (January 25-26):  Prior to workshop, prepare the TCHC Forms

TCHC = Tai Chi for Heart Conditions

TCA = Tai Chi for Arthritis

TCAFP = Tai Chi for Arthritis for Falls Prevention

STCA = Seated Tai Chi for Arthritis


January 25-26, and 27, 2020 Tucson TCHC and TCA Workshop Scenario Menu

TCHC will be held January 25-26 (please register seperately for this workshop  )

TCA, TCAFP Instructor Updates/re-certificaiton or Skill Builder will be held January 27.

  • 1 Day Options (1/27) – Register for TCA Workshop Only
  1. Re-Certification in TCA/TCAFP ($150)
  2. Add  $40 for each additional re-certification program (STCA, TCA2)
  3. Just for Fun/Skills Development ($85) – Space Permitting
  • 3 Day Options (1/25, 1/26, 1/27)  - Register for Both TCHC and TCA Workshops
    1. New Certification in TCHC and Update/re-certifiy TCA/TCAFP ($390)
    2. New Certification in TCHC, plus TCA Skills Development Day ($340)
    3. Just for Fun/Skills Development ($200) – Space Permitting
  • 2 Day Options (1/25, 1/26) – Register for TCHC Workshop Only
  1. New Certification in TCHC ($265)
  2. Just for Fun/Skills Development ($125) – Space Permitting
  • 1 Day Options (1/27) – Register for TCA Workshop Only
  1. Re-Certification in TCA/TCAFP ($150)
  2. Add  $40 for each additional re-certification program (STCA, TCA2)
  3. Just for Fun/Skills Development ($85) – Space Permitting
  • Add-Ons
  1. New STCA Certification, add $50.  Note: Must be certified in TCA/TCAFP.
  2. CEUs for health, wellness, fitness professionals.  14 hours for 2 Day training - $40.   21 hours for 3 Days training - $55

    CANCELLATION FEE.  $50 per person.

    Payment:  You will not be asked for payment when you submit registration.  You will be emailed a welcome including what you selected for registration and fee based on what you selected.   Once you have confirmed registration items and fee is finalized,  payment is due.   

    How to Submit Payment:  Please specify what payment is for - whether on check memo or comments in PayPal.

    1) Mail check or money order to Heather Chalon   1700 E River Road #64422, Tucson, Arizona 85728

    2)  PayPal, make a notation within the transaction to identify the purpose of the transaction.  Or,  PayPal,  Send Money Option using email address

    3) Arrange for invoice or credit card payment, with $9 service fee.


Harmony Hospice Services, LLC

1200 N El Dorado Pl STE B- 200, Tucson, AZ 85715

a serene place for tai chi,  with patio, outdoor spaces for walking and practicing.  on-site kitchen for warming or refrigeration lunch.   easy access to restaurants,  trader joes, hotels. 



Local contact:  Heather Chalon, MT  text 520-7806751 (refrain from leaving lengthy voice mail thanks) or

email  or

text Judy Safarewitz  203-470-9549.